PODCAST: A Conversation with Caterpillar Remanufacturing Division Vice President Brian Edwards

April 7, 2021

Growing up in the blue-collar region of Northeast Ohio, Brian Edwards’ younger self could never have guessed where his professional career – including becoming a Caterpillar Vice President – would take him. Yet, as he watched and listened to his parents, his grandparents, and experienced the life lessons that were taught when hard times came to “Steel Valley,” Edwards now knows it was preparing him for the years ahead. 
Edwards tells his story on this latest edition of Caterpillar’s Beyond The Iron podcast, including his professional odyssey with stops at GE, General Motors, and Progress Rail before taking on the top leadership role for the Caterpillar Remanufacturing Division. 

Program Guide (39:54 total run time)     
1:35 – Growing up in a place called “Steel Valley.” 

3:30 – A career journey begins on an unexpected path. 
5:21 – Learning with an open mind and an open heart. 
8:15 – The power of paying attention and staying at the right speed. 
10:47 – During COVID-19, a tricky transition to the reman VP role. 
14:30 – A reman primer: defining and understanding the remanufacturing business including services growth. 
18:00 – 7,000+ reman products and counting. 
20:30 – Caterpillar’s original sustainability success story. 
23:15 – Decisions, decisions. Helping the customer sort through the right reman solution.

26:14 – Brian’s priority list in the new job.

29:46 – Remembering a grandfather’s lessons forged in the steel mills.

33:20 – Recognizing the powerful combination of preparation, chance, and luck. 

36:10 – A sports fan uses a sports analogy to offer valuable career advice.