Manufacturing: Celebrating the Work That Matters

October 1, 2021


Manufacturing is the lifeblood of our local, national and global economies. In many ways, the future of manufacturing depends on skilled trades personnel. We are saluting Caterpillar’s production workforce who build the essential products that enable our customers to build a better world. They are the essential employees who are the heart and soul of the enterprise and show their unending commitment to doing the work that matters – day in and day out.

Our celebration of National Manufacturing Day marks the kickoff to a month-long recognition of our employees around the world. We owe them our endless gratitude for doing the work that matters, and their commitment to sustainable products and services, a culture of teamwork and collaboration, and building an inclusive and empowering work environment. In this special video, and we want you to meet some of the names and faces working in our Caterpillar facilities around the globe. 

Manufacturing day
Year-end 2020 Facts About Manufacturing at Caterpillar
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