Automation Engineer Brings Innovative Sustainability with Remote Technologies 

Design machines that dig, load and haul autonomously. Run digital simulations predicting how yet-to-be-built components will perform in the field. Use 3D printing to create parts that can be produced more sustainably. In all these ways and many more, Caterpillar engineers conceptualize ideas that become real-world products in our factories—and make progress possible around the globe. 

Matt, a Caterpillar Senior Automation Engineer, has always enjoyed solving problems and puzzles. The ability to look at a complex problem and find solutions is a trait that has served him well as an engineer and especially in his current role helping rapidly changing jobsites tackle what was only a dream decades ago – on site autonomy.  

Here are just three ways Matt and his talented teammates are changing the world: 

1. Increasing operational efficiency and jobsite safety while reducing customer costs  

How? Through work on projects like Cat® Command. The technology reduces customer costs and increases operational efficiency and jobsite safety by allowing customers to control machines from a single Cat Command Station. Operators work from safe, central offices eliminating transportation between work sites.  

Matt, a Caterpillar Senior Automation Engineer

2. Helping keep operators in safer conditions 

Here’s what Matt had to say, “Like any project, we began developing Cat Command in order to help our customers work safer and more efficiently. Today, it enables them to do just that using remote control, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous equipment systems. Operators no longer have to fly into remote sites, spend time away from their families or manage time-consuming shift changes – now from one central location he or she can operate multiple machines around the world.”

 3. Making new job opportunities possible for talented people 

 The automation technology that Matt and other engineers develop creates career opportunities for differently abled people to operate our machines. In fact, Caterpillar recently partnered with Segs4Vets to explore opportunities for disabled veterans.  

So, what’s next for Matt and the team? The journey has been swift… in a matter of years sites have transformed from manned machines to remote control to semi-autonomous and someday fully autonomous sites. Solutions like Cat Command can now make it easier to recruit new talent, get people out of harm’s way and make it possible to operate a broad product line with one set of controls.

“Since joining the team, I’ve been able to be a part of getting the first remote control station in customers’ hands. It’s very rewarding to think about how my team and our technology really makes an impact on people’s lives. We get to help people get home safe every day,” said Matt. “It’s really cool tech and an incredible experience to be in on the ground floor.”