American Red Cross Provides Help Digitally and On the Ground in Canada

Heavy rainfall in the summer of 2013 led to the worst floods on record in Alberta, Canada. Throughout the province, 27 states declared a state of emergency and over 90,000 people were evacuated from their homes. To provide support, the American Red Cross (ARC) sent 10,000 cleanup kits to Canada, along with nine disaster response specialists. The ARC also provided help through its Digital Operations Center, where a team of social engagement and digital volunteers monitored posts, provided critical information to online communities and identified specific needs in affected neighborhoods. By working together, the Canadian Red Cross and the ARC were able to gather information from the affected area and inform the response operation on the ground in Alberta.

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Page Copy Investments from the Caterpillar Foundation helped the American Red Cross assist 5.5 million in 25 countries in response to 2014 global disasters
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