WaterCredit Loan Provides Bathroom for Mother of Three in Indonesia

Neneng is a wife and mother of three, who lives in a village near Jakarta, Indonesia. While she and her husband worked hard to provide for their family, they could not afford a toilet or running water for their home. As a result, Neneng and her family were forced to wait in line at the open public latrine to use the toilet. That changed with the help of Water.org. She took out a low-interest WaterCredit loan to install a septic tank and toilet in their home. Today, Neneng's family is free from the burden of waiting in line for bathroom facilities or collecting water for their kitchen. "My family now has a complete bathroom and I no longer feel ashamed," she says.

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Page Copy 2.1 million access clean water and sanitation with loans from Caterpillar Foundation partner Water.org
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