The Red Cross Responds Immediately to Super Typhoon Haiyan

On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Haiyan, the largest ever to make landfall, hit the Philippines. The impact was devastating. Over 1 million homes were damaged or destroyed. The American Red Cross responded immediately with medical care, food, water, mosquito nets and cash. With help from partners and donors, it led the largest cash distribution program ever, serving 59,000 families as cash beneficiaries. The organization also provided emergency relief items, supplies and materials to help victims get back on their feet and rebuild their homes to withstand future storms. Finally, the Red Cross helped revitalize local economies by investing in community infrastructures—like schools and medical clinics—and improving access to water, sanitation and safe shelter.

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Page Copy Investments from the Caterpillar Foundation helped the American Red Cross assist 5.5 million in 25 countries in response to 2014 global disasters
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