EquipYouth Gives Mexican Company the Qualified Employees It Needs

ROVASA, a Mexico-based steel manufacturing company, had trouble hiring qualified employees to meet increasing production demands and business expansion. In February 2012, ROVASA learned about EquipYouth, an initiative created by the International Youth Foundation (IYF), with support from the Caterpillar Foundation, to deliver market-relevant training to young people in multiple specializations. The company worked with EquipYouth to employ 18 students as interns, giving them an opportunity to put their training into practice. "They have qualities and technical skills that set them apart from the rest," says Jose Francisco Lazalde, ROVASA's Health and Safety Officer. So far, ROVASA has even offered two graduates full-time jobs in the sales and administration departments.

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Page Copy With support from the Caterpillar Foundation and International Youth Foundation, nearly 70% of EquipYouth participants are now employed or self-employed
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