Indian Widows Celebrate Holi Festival for the First Time in Years

Marked by beautiful colors and dancing in the streets, the Holi festival celebrates the arrival of spring in India. In many parts of India, however, widows are shunned from Holi celebrations. That changed this spring with help from a local NGO—widows in Vrindavan celebrate Holi for the first time in years. While this is a step in the right direction, there is still much progress to be made to ensure a better life for these women. The Global Poverty Project, a Caterpillar Foundation partner, is working to help educate citizens about the poor treatment of widows in parts of India and influence change in the social stigmas that deprive them of financial independence, social acceptance, safety and personal choice.

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Page Copy Caterpillar Foundation partner, Global Poverty Project, aims to influence social change in India through education and awareness
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