Memory-Loss Victim Finds Employment, Thanks to EquipYouth Program in India

As an infant, Manjula was in a car accident and suffers from persistent memory loss due to the head trauma. Despite her setbacks, she joined the EquipYouth program, launched in 2012 by the International Youth Foundation and the Caterpillar Foundation, at a nearby industrial training institute. There she participated in market-relevant training in technical and employability skills. Manjula has since earned a position as a circuit board assembler at a tech company and plans to return to school in the summer. Her goal is to become a manager at the local electricity company where her father works. "Now I am confident enough to face the world without any hesitation or fear," Manjula says.

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Page Copy With support from the Caterpillar Foundation and International Youth Foundation, nearly 70% of EquipYouth participants are now employed or self-employed
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