Mother in South Korea Is Proud to Be an EquipYouth Life Skills Trainer

Eun Jeong lives with her family in South Korea. Dealing with poor health and a difficult relationship with her adolescent sons, Eun Jeong sought meaningful work helping disadvantaged youth with their studies. At a local event in the Gyeonggi province, Eun Jeong signed up to become a Passport to Success® trainer. Passport to Success is a life skills curriculum of EquipYouth—a program launched by the International Youth Foundation (IYF), with support from the Caterpillar Foundation, in 2012. EquipYouth training helps young people develop a range of life skills necessary to take advantage of their education and prepare for a future career. Being a Passport to Success trainer has helped Eun Jeong change her relationship with her family for the better. Today, she takes pride in helping prepare her students to navigate the challenges they will face at school and work.

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Page Copy With support from the Caterpillar Foundation and International Youth Foundation, nearly 70% of EquipYouth participants are now employed or self-employed
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