2 Million Africans Rally Together for Rural Farmers

In the biggest mobilization in ONE's history, over 2 million Africans signed the Do Agric petition, encouraging African governments to invest in agriculture and support smallholder farmers. The organization brought together nineteen recording artists to create a music video that spreads the Do Agric message in eleven countries and ten languages. Leaders in Tanzania, Benin, Ghana and Niger committed to take action. In Malabo, leaders agreed to devote 10% of their national budget to drive agricultural transformation. They also committed to targets such as doubling agricultural productivity, halving post-harvest loss, increasing youth participation in agri-business by 30% and reducing nutritional growth stunting to 10% across Africa.

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Page Copy Caterpillar Foundation partner, The ONE Campaign, sparks 2 million+ Do Agric petition signatures in support of rural farmers
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