The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Empowers Women in Uganda

Every year, over 4 million people die from Household Air Pollution (HAP) caused by smoke from traditional cookstoves and open fires. Grace has four children and knows the value of clean cookstoves, but cannot afford to purchase one with little income and savings. When Grace was told she could purchase a stove by making small deposits, she jumped at the opportunity. "If I can deposit a total of 10,000 Shillings ($3.81), then I can pay little by little every two or three days and then take the stove," she explains. A clean cookstove will mean Grace's family will be safe and healthy, she will be able to spend less time on cooking and fuel collection, and she can save more money in the future.

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Page Copy Investments from the Caterpillar Foundation and partner United Nations Foundation support the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
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