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Subject: CIP Survey Alert Incident

Dear [Name],

I want to inform you about an incident involving your personal information provided during the Caterpillar Insight Program.

Earlier this year you participated in Caterpillar’s Customer Insight Program and provided feedback about Caterpillar equipment that you had recently purchased. As part of participating in this survey you identified that you had either a question or concern in which you wanted further follow-up. Normally this information would be shared with [the Dealer] which covers your service area. However, due to a misconfiguration, your question or concern along with your name and the contact information that you provided (your phone number or email address) were accessible not only by [Dealer] but by other Cat dealers. As soon as this misconfiguration was detected, the functionality allowing the other dealers to potentially view your information was disabled. Additionally, we were able to identify who accessed the information and have received written confirmation from each of them that all copies have been deleted and that they did not misuse the information.

We apologize for this incident. At Caterpillar we take data privacy seriously. Again, through our investigation, we have confirmed that access was limited to certain employees at five Cat dealers and the information was not exposed publicly. Given: 

  • the limited personal information (only your name and the information that you provided for responding to your inquiry), 
  • the limited exposure (the information was access only by fairly small number of individuals within the Caterpillar dealer network - this information was not available publicly), and 
  • that they each individual within the Caterpillar dealer network that accessed the information confirmed that they have deleted the information and not misused it, 

we feel that the risk to you is extremely low. However, as always, we recommend that you remain vigilant by reviewing all of your accounts periodically and how your data are used in general.

Again, we apologize for this. If you have any questions or concerns about this incident, please contact the Caterpillar Data Privacy Office at Privacy_Incident@Cat.com. Please reference “CIP Survey Alert Incident” in your communication to allow us to respond to your request in an efficient manner.


Sam Cooper
Marketing Effectiveness & Ops Mgr.
Global Marketing & Brand Department
Office:  309-675-4720 


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