6 Milestones that Make the Motor Grader Magnificent

The Cat® motor grader is a magnificent machine – for many reasons. In fact, we have six of this marvel’s top milestones…

1. The motor grader is tied to our first acquisition, made three years after Caterpillar Tractor Co. was formed. In 1928, we purchased the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company and created a new “Road Machinery Division.”

2. The motor grader was also the first product we built other than the original track-type tractor.

3. Our timing was good! We went into the road machinery business as America’s love affair with the automobile was in full swing – and that meant America needed roads, and lots of motor graders too.

4. We estimate that Caterpillar equipment has cleared, built and paved more than 700,000 miles of streets, roads and highways in the United States – at the very least, one-third of all paved roads in America today.

5. The motor grader is also the first and only product built at our facility in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

6. And finally, it’s appropriate the first piece of equipment we’ve decorated for the holidays at the Caterpillar Visitors Center is a motor grader - a machine so magnificent and such an integral part of Caterpillar’s history.

Learn more about the Caterpillar Visitors Center’s motor grader holiday display at visitcaterpillar.com!

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