Building Blocks
Building Blocks

Building Blocks

At Caterpillar, our engineers and scientists are working around the clock to keep up with a changing world. We are focused on things like automation, robotics, analytics and digital solutions to make sure our customers have the most cutting-edge resources on the planet. And the coolest part – our FUTURE engineers and scientists are already tackling these complicated challenges in the classroom thanks to a program called FIRST®.

Caterpillar is a proud Strategic Partner of FIRST, which helps students build the skills they need to develop the next cutting-edge technological advancements in manufacturing. 

In our new exhibit, “BUILDING BLOCKS,” learn how FIRST is changing the game from grade school through grad school…and beyond. Learn about this educational program and try your hand at operating a real robot and building your own creations.

The BUILDING BLOCKS for your child’s future are at their fingertips at the Caterpillar Visitors Center beginning this June!

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