Customer Safety

Caterpillar’s commitment to safety goes beyond our employees and facilities. Caterpillar Safety Services provides coaching to customers at every stage in their journey toward safety excellence and change enablement. This team supports our dealers, suppliers and customers using cultural assessment tools, continuous improvement processes, risk management technology and a wealth of industry-focused safety resources.

Human-Centered Change Management

Companies across the globe recognize the need for change management, and integrating it into their operating philosophies. A successful, people-centered change management process results in more engagement of the workforce, increased commitment to the cause, and enhanced performance.

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Customer Safety 2030 Goal

Provide leadership in the safety of people who work in, on and around our products.


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Safety Goes to the Front Line

Even companies with high safety performance must focus on continuous improvement. That is why a global leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure turned to Caterpillar Safety Services to enhance its safety culture.

With the help of experts from Caterpillar Safety Services, the organization launched a Journey to Goal Zero as a corporate-wide safety program involving 5,000 employees. The approach was simple: make safety everyone’s responsibility. Through cross-functional rapid improvement workshops, they turned over control of safety to employees in the field, asking them to rebuild safety processes from the ground up based on their frontline knowledge. The other significant change: using positive recognition—rather than focusing on what’s wrong—to measure performance.

On the other side of the transformation was an empowered team that began to take continuous improvement into their own hands—precisely what needed to happen to move from average to excellent.