Supporting a Lower-Carbon Future

Cat Machines at work
Cat Machines at work

Our Role in the Energy Transition

The energy transition is one of the world’s challenges, but one that presents numerous opportunities. This is especially true for Caterpillar, as we develop products and services designed to support the energy transition and growing energy demand.

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1 — Building Infrastructure

Our construction equipment helps build the infrastructure for the energy transition. Our mining equipment supports the increased demand in critical materials, such as copper, lithium, nickel and cobalt, required for electric vehicles, battery storage, wind and solar power, and grid modernization and stability.

2 — Optimizing Natural Gas

Natural gas is expected to play an important role in the transition to renewable energy. Our reciprocating engines and gas turbines are widely used across the globe in upstream natural gas production and transmission.

3 — Enhancing Energy Reliability

Increasing renewable power in electric grids creates opportunities for distributed power generation. Customers utilize our reciprocating engine generator sets and gas turbines to support electric grid stability.

4 — Increasing Alternative Fuels

We offer machines and engines that are capable of operating on alternative fuels such as hydrogen, biogas, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and biodiesel, while continuing to develop technologies for the future.

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