Sustainable Use

For more than 90 years Caterpillar has been working to enable better business and sustainability for customers by creating innovative new products and continuously improving our existing products. We also recognize that the sustainable performance of our products is strongly influenced by how they are used on customer’s sites. Our technology and solutions business model is designed to meet that need by going “beyond the iron” to increase sustainable utilization of Caterpillar products.  As customers increasingly demand greater energy efficiency, we are further motivated to help them reduce their energy use and, corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We collaborate with customers to deliver customized solutions that help optimize energy use and provide training for customer operators on how to use our equipment safely and more efficiently. We also work with our dealers to provide services and support solutions necessary to satisfy customer sustainability needs and develop and implement sustainable solutions for after-sales support, and fast and efficient parts fulfillment.

Customer Safety

No matter what industry you work in or what equipment you use, your first priority is the safety of your employees. Keeping your people safe is more important than anything else. Caterpillar agrees, and we’re committed to helping make sure everyone who works in, on or around Cat® equipment comes home safe every day. 

To promote the safety and health of everyone in, on or around our products, Caterpillar launched SAFETY.CAT.COM™, one of the most comprehensive safety sites for the industries Caterpillar serves. The website builds on Caterpillar's commitment to providing its customers with the safest and most reliable products and services available, and reinforces safety messages found in the company's Operation and Maintenance Manuals (OMM). The site also features virtual walk around inspections and operating tips that are available on demand. Utilized by customers worldwide, visitors to the site have referenced the usefulness of information as a training tool for employees and the visible example of Caterpillar's commitment to safety.

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Job Site Efficiency 

Caterpillar recognizes that our customers need to realize the full value of their assets. Our solutions business model is designed to meet that need by going “beyond the iron” to increase asset utilization and job site efficiency. Designed and delivered by the Caterpillar Job Site Solutions (JSS) team in partnership with Cat® dealers, these solutions help customers find new and innovative ways to improve their operations and be more competitive in the marketplace. JSS leverages Caterpillar’s financial, technological, application and management expertise to tailor solutions based on the customer’s own needs, typically in the areas of safety, sustainability, equipment, productivity and financials. As a result, every solution is different, scalable and can range from a short-term consulting engagement to a multiyear fleet management and maintenance solution.

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Technology Solutions

To meet the future with confidence, we continually consider how and where Cat® products will be working over the long term. Increasingly, that means identifying and developing technologies that our customers will need to be successful. Caterpillar’s Enterprise Technology Strategy, conceived in 2011 and introduced in 2012, defines the key technologies and areas of research and development investment necessary to meet customer needs and sustain Caterpillar’s competitive advantage well into the future.

As the world becomes ever more connected, and our technologies more sophisticated, we are able to create solutions to help the world operate in ways that would not have been conceivable even 15 years ago. Caterpillar uses ground-breaking technology to provide customer solutions in new and different ways. Read about six of them.

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