Digital is a Sustainability Play

Our Digital Vision states that “digital” is the process of transforming data and information into recommended actions or “insights,” which help customers make better, more informed decisions. All of this saves customers time, money and resources and provides them an opportunity to make more money and be more efficient with Caterpillar than they could with our competitors.

Our Sustainability Strategy is to provide work environments, products, services and solutions that make productive and efficient use of resources as we strive to achieve our vision of a world in which all people’s basic needs are fulfilled in an environmentally sustainable way. In our Sustainability Strategy we apply innovation and technology to improve the sustainability performance of Caterpillar’s products, services, solutions and operations.

 See the synergy? Let’s dig a little further:

  • Productivity improvements means our customers and our operations are using resources more efficiently; those “resources” could be raw materials, energy, water, land, financial capital, or human resources.
  • Profitability improvements will contribute to the economic growth of their businesses, our business and the larger economy; that growth is critical to sustainable development.
  • Safety improvements translates to quality of life improvements for our workforces and the communities we serve; safety is central to our sustainability commitment.

We know that digital can help grow communities and economies, while utilizing our planet’s constrained resources more efficiently. The invaluable data that digital technology provides will help us improve our customer’s sustainability performance, as well as our own.

Since our founding, Caterpillar and our dealers have been committed to helping our customers succeed. We sum that up in one sentence: We want our customers to make more money using our products and services than they can with our competitors’. By optimizing our digital offerings, we will drive more than the bottom line and customer loyalty, we will also drive sustainability.



BUilding a Road Faster

One of the strongest recent examples of the incredible sustainability benefits generated via the use of digital technology is the Earthmoving Division’s technology-connected road construction study at the Peoria Proving Ground. Using the exact same machines on each side, the team simultaneously constructed two stretches of road. The only difference? One side was fully connected with our digital technology. The outcome? The technology-connected road was built in half the time as the non-connected side. The benefits for our customers? Not only will time be cut in half (reducing human and economic resources, i.e. employee time on one job, equipment hours and total project hours), but the efficiencies also cut fuel consumption and the resulting greenhouse gases by 37% (more efficiently using energy resources, reducing environmental impact and lowering operating costs).