Real Cat Folks


Real Cat Folks features mini portraits of employees and retirees that showcase the rich diversity of our Caterpillar family. Check back each week to read the stories of employees and retirees from around the world. Want to join us? Check out our Caterpillar Careers. #iAmCaterpillar


Antônio - Brazil


"I started at Caterpillar about 5 years ago and work as a safety technician at PHA (Piracicaba Hose Assembly) and Reman Operations in Brazil. I am passionate about sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have been able to combine this with my other passion for helping people, especially children. Knowing that I can help someone is what motivates me every day. I participate in a project which involves working with orphaned children. Through a sport such as Jiu-Jitsu, we are able to help motivate these children and build their self-esteem, emphasizing their positive opportunities in life. This program makes sure these kids receive attention, care, psychological assistance and monitoring of school performance."




Andrew - United States


I like to trail run. I am not very fast at all, but I like to run really long distances. Last year I did a 30-mile trail run. It started at night, in the dark and it included water crossings. I am training for a 50 miler right now, and if I don’t hurt myself somewhere along the way, I am going to do a 100 miler before the end of the year—which is something I’ve never done. I ran the fifty and hundred miler this year. It took about 33 hours. The elevation gain was like climbing Mount Everest 1.5 times. I did not sleep. It was the longest I have ever been awake 44 hours total! It certainly was a life accomplishment. For me the kind of motto that I go by is if you are passionate about something then be tenacious about it!




Meire - Brazil


In my free time, I like to dedicate myself to the BAJA project. I am a student of production engineering and the BAJA SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Brazil project. It consists of manufacturing an off-road vehicle in stages that go from design to manufacturing, to the development of overall management and marketing. It is a simulation of a company launching its vehicle in the marketplace and is evaluated by big names in the mobility industries by engineers, managers and directors. This project also helps give me me a broader vision in my regular work environment as an operations assistant in the Piracicaba hose assembly area.




Aries Li - China


I like walking along unfamiliar streets and lanes, listening stories from people I meet during my trip, and seeking myself from their stories. I used to take a 28-hour train to Chengdu on my own, and sleep in a small shack with nine others in a desert. Both of these experiences provided me the chance to see the most beautiful scenery in my life.




Xie Zhiqiang - China


I am a person full of passion and energy. I always hope that I can become an independently-minded person, so I’ll make thorough plans when I get an idea and accumulate experience in practices.








Joe - United States

I feel like my parents instilled their work ethic in me. My dad served in the Vietnam War and met and married my mom in Thailand. I guess you can say that their culture and background made me who I am today. In the past 10 years, I’ve probably been out of work only two days. I like to lead by example.




Steven - China


Growing up, I learned that people need balance… both physical and mental and between work and life. A healthy body with positive attitude enables me to deal with work and life in a better way.






Hayley - United States

In my free time I volunteer with my certified therapy dog, Lily.  We participate in a literacy program for children within our community.  The program helps children develop their literacy skills and build their confidence by reading to trained therapy dogs.  Helping children at a young age is crucial.  Something as simple as petting a dog can divert their attention away from any stress they have in their lives. 




Zhou Wei - China


My safety awareness has enhanced a lot since I joined in Caterpillar. On the road or at home, I easily find many safety hazards ignored by others. It makes me care more about the environment around me, and make decisions more carefully.


自从进了公司,我可以明显感到自己的安全意识增强了很多。不论是在马路上还是在家里,经常能 捕捉到很多别人忽略的安全问题。安全意识的增强,迫使我对外部环境更关注,做决定也比别人更加谨慎。




Jitthai - Thailand

I would like to be a volunteer teacher for a school in up-country. These children do not go to school in the city, but still need an education.




Richard - United Kingdom

"Do you have a life or work motto?"

Go over, go under, go around or go through. But never give up.




Monica Li - China


We need to have positive attitude towards life. Regardless of the pressure and frustration from work, I try my best not to bring a bad mood back home. After work, seeing lovely smiles of my child and feeling the care from my mom, all the exhaustion is gone. Spending every day with a positive attitude and facing challenges, you can be the master of your life.




对待生活,要积极乐观。 不论工作压力又多大,或者多不顺心, 我努力做到不把工作中的坏情绪带回家里。回到家,看到孩子可爱的笑脸,听着妈妈殷切的关怀,所有的疲惫一瞬间消失殆尽。 以乐观的姿态对待每一天, 迎接每一天的挑战,成为生活的主导者。




Dave - United States

"What inspires you?"

The unexpected person succeeding. That’s what I love about sports, especially baseball – when those you don’t expect to win, win. With other professional sports like basketball, it usually comes down to who’s got the most talent. In baseball, the team who wins is not necessarily the one with the most talent. Instead, it’s who does the little things in the right way.




Scott Hu - China


I like running, listening to music and reading in my spare time. I believe exercises can keep me healthy and strong, and knowledge can enrich my spirit.








Dave - United States

My dad was my biggest influence. He worked a swing shift as a supervisor at a nuclear fuels plant. He worked nonstop and then he came home and did projects with us. My brother and I are mechanically inclined, so we were building things in the basement. We were fixing things, that’s just what we did and how we entertained ourselves. I built mini bikes; I built work benches; I built anything and everything.




Sang Xinqing - China


In my daily life, I like learning the structures and principle of machine components and thinking about their performance and functions through disassembling and assembling. It also makes me both enthusiastic and proficient for my current work.








Anna - Senegal


Whenever I leave Africa, as the plane lifts, I feel that more than leaving a continent, I’m leaving a state of mind. People don’t have a lot, but they are always smiling and laughing. The first time I went to Africa was when I was six, and ever since then I have felt it is a continent like none other: the people, the energy, the nature, the animals, the smell and the African sky. The biggest lesson I have learned from Africa is that life’s joys come mostly from relationships and friendships, not from material things.




Tim - United States


I’m big into Batman's comic books, which is kind of unique. I grew up with the original "Batman" series. I always liked Batman because no matter what his past was, no matter what happens, he always does the right thing. That’s my legacy; when I’m dead and gone, I hope they say, “Tim, he always did the right thing.” That has nothing to do with anybody but me. If that’s my legacy, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish.




Jeff - United States


I’m a two-time former president of the Caterpillar Employees Mixed Chorus. We are performing Disney's "The Little Mermaid" this year. That’s really the big interest I have outside, and well, inside, of Caterpillar. I’ve always been an outgoing person and all of the feedback from the audience during a performance, it energizes me.




Zhu Hewei - China


I have a sense of urgency and strive for perfection. I like driving at the speed of light, and enjoying the speed and passion of experiencing the joy brought by beyond-limit activities.








Nick - United States


My wife and I love music and try to take in several live concerts each year. We’ve seen Paul McCartney and even gone back stage to meet the Beach Boys. As a child of the '60s, I’m still most partial to that genre, but really I love lots of different kinds of music. Music is such a big part of our country’s history and that’s fascinating to me. I am also a big fan of just about anything where I can take in the great outdoors.




Sidinei - Brazil


To achieve success you have to live one day at a time and be happy with what you have. My marriage is one of the great successes of my life. My wife is with me in the best – and the most difficult – of times.


Para alcançar o sucesso você precisa viver um dia de cada vez e ser feliz ocm o que tem no momento. Meu casamento é um dos meus grandes sucessos na minha vida. Minha esposa está comigo nos melhores e nos mais difíceis momentos da minha vida.




Liu Hong - China


There is no greater happiness than being with family after work, listening to their fun stories and laughing. The biggest happiness is being together.








Katerina - Czech Republic


I ran a marathon once. Running the distance is not what I am really proud of though. During the race, I had a crisis at mile 20 and wanted to give up. Then I realized you get nothing in your life without effort. You have to make lot of steps until you accomplish your goals, wishes or dreams – and it will take some time. This helped me finish my race and still helps me in work and personal life.


Jednou jsem běžela maraton. Uběhnutí této vzdálenosti není to, na co jsem hlavně pyšná. Během závodu jsem měla na 32 km krizi a chtěla jsem závod vzdát. Ale uvědomila jsem si, že nic v životě nedostanete zadarmo. Musíte udělat spoustu malých kroků, než dosáhnete svých cílů, přání či snů - a chvíli vám to potrvá. To mi pomohlo dokončit závod a stále mi to pomáhá v osobním i pracovním životě.




Levell - United States


I have a lot of thing I am interested in outside of work. I am a part of Greater New light Missionary Baptist Church here in Waco. I love music so I love to listen to different genres of music: R&B, gospel, hip-hop, some rap. I love music, whether it’s listening to music, singing. My brother and I, we used to compose music, so it was just a really big part of my upbringing and my family.




Natalie - Switzerland


I draw my own limits. You are in charge of your life and no one knows you better than yourself.  Listen to your body and be attentive to the needs of your family. Open your eyes, see them, listen. Their balance is also your balance … and for the working mothers, do not feel guilty about working. Do you want to be a happy working mom or an unhappy stay-at-home mom? It is not about quantity, it is about quality time spent…. Many studies prove this.




Shao Shuai - China


I’m preparing for a trip to the west where I can drive across the boundless prairie and deserted desert and go through hardships to purify the soul. Anyone like-minded is welcome to join me.








Roman - Czech Republic


When I first set foot in the Solar Turbines Zatec production facility I as pretty enthusiastic.  Everything was so clean and modern; it was hard to believe they worked on gas turbines here!  I hadn’t known if they would hire me, but I definitely wanted the job. Then I got a call from HR with the good news and I was ecstatic. There was a steep learning curve and some family issues to deal with at the time. Thankfully my great team offered me maximum support and helped me become a fully qualified assembly technician. It has been two years now and I’m very happy with my job. I can now look back at that difficult beginning with a smile.




Gabriela - Brazil


I am passionate about what I do. In my leisure time, I love to watch the team XV de Piracicaba, which Caterpillar sponsors, play in my city. Before I started working here, I enjoyed going to the field to see my team play, but now I'm even more proud because I can join the team's heart and I'm part of one of the best companies to work for in Brazil!


Gabriela - Brasil


Iniciei na Caterpillar como estagiária e fui convidada a participar de um projeto corporativo me tornando funcionária por tempo determinado. Neste período pude participar de um candidate-se na minha área e fui efetivada. Sou apaixonada pelo que faço e adoro participar de momentos em que vejo a empresa onde trabalho nos meus momentos de lazer, nos jogos do time da minha cidade (XV de Piracicaba), um grande parceiro Caterpillar! Se antes eu já gostava de ir ao campo ver meu time jogar, hoje fico ainda mais orgulhosa, pois consigo unir o time do coração e uma das melhores empresas para trabalhar no Brasil!




Jameka - United States


We want to be inclusive of everyone’s perspective. When we focus on differences we build barriers. Race, religion or whatever, value everyone. Value me because I’m a person, not just because I’m a woman.




Glen - United States


In general, my dad has always been my role model. He had a good work ethic and he and I shared a lot of interests and did a lot of stuff together. He had a lot of different hobbies and was interested in a lot of what I would call “lost arts.” Things like blacksmithing and cooking molasses. He was really into things that they did 150 years ago. He didn’t have an engineering degree, but he was very mechanically minded. It was always amazing to me. He was one of those people who could make anything from nothing. He taught me a lot about how little you really need to make something work.




Allen - United States


The thing that keeps me most motivated to get into work every morning is knowing the difference I am making in the world, regardless of how small it may seem. Although I am just an engine mechanics analyst – simulating engines and their components at the tips of my fingers – I know that eventually these engines get put into production and ultimately utilized in a world where these machines are so desperately needed.




Roy - United States


Outside of work, music is my passion. I perform regularly and am proudest of my performance at the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis, Indiana, the largest half marathon in the United States. When I’m not performing for a crowd, I’m happiest playing my guitar on my front porch.




Brenda - United States


"What do you think is different about your children’s upbringing compared to your own?"


They have so much more access to information and tools. Access to the internet, the work they are preparing for school is just way above and beyond. They’re preparing presentations with graphs and charts in elementary school now and I think that’s pretty amazing. You’ve got all these educational tools out there that teach information, not in one way, but in different ways, because people learn in different ways.




Liya Dai - China


After working at Caterpillar for 11 years, I love the culture very much. Something unique is that employees can transfer to new positions, which helps our innovation and makes full use of our capabilities. I, myself, have worked within several divisions at Caterpillar, from integration to merger & acquisition, from production marketing to digital marketing. My vision has expanded and abilities enhanced.








Lin Xiaofei - China


I joined Caterpillar as an intern before graduation and now I am a trainer on the welding line. I have witnessed every milestone of Caterpillar Suzhou Ltd. and grown with it.




作为焊接线的一名培训师,我还没有毕业就加入了卡特彼勒实习。伴随着卡特彼勒(苏 州)有限公司的成长,我见证了公司的一个个里程碑。工作中大家积极思考如何改进现有的流程, 提出建议并勇于尝试的氛围鼓舞了我。




Yao Shukuo - China


Each person’s life is like building a house: Every little thing is the foundation of your future, and once you do them well, you will see your own skyscraper in the future.




人生就像盖楼,现在看似普通的每一件小事情都是未来缺一不可的基石,等盖好了这平凡的一砖一瓦,终有一天,我们会看到真正属于自己的摩 天大楼。




Chad - United States


My kids’ room is full of books. We’ve got Dr. Seuss quotes on their wall that say, “The more you read, the more you know.” At school, they still have the BOOK IT! Program and read a lot for that. We read to them every night before they go to bed. We just want to instill the importance of that (reading) in them. We don’t have video games in the house, so I think that helps.




Jennifer - United States


My dad raised me to always believe in myself (even when I didn't), be self-sufficient and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Never pass up an opportunity, even if you think you cannot do it. If you are humble enough to ask for advice and help, confident enough in yourself and willing to put in the time to learn and execute, you can accomplish anything.




Marco - United States


"What do you feel are the keys to success?"

The keys to success are patience, stability and never quitting. My motto is “never give up.” I learned that from my mother. I was raised in a single parent home, and I watched her struggle to raise me and my siblings. But she never gave up. She never quit, and she never let us kids feel the burden no matter the circumstance. She is my greatest influence.




Janice - United States


I enjoyed my role as a machinist but knew that I wanted more out of my career at Caterpillar. Transitioning into the team lead role and continuing my education positioned me well for the non-traditional role as manufacturing engineer. In this role, I learned many skills on how to keep an assembling line running. My inspiration has always been my older sister who continues to be my motivation even today. She taught me the importance of networking, and through this skill and the hard work that preceded me, I obtained my current role as a training specialist.




Kats - Japan


Whenever I am put in a difficult situation, I try to look at things positively. A lot of people will say, "That’s too high to climb," but I say, "It’s high, but let’s try to climb it and see the view from up there." Enjoy the work and it will always bring positive results.





Jodi - United States


“What’s hard about growing up today?”

My oldest always has her phone in her hand. If she doesn’t have her phone, she feels completely disconnected. Kids today can’t relax unless they have a lifeline to their friends available at all times. I feel bad because it’s like they don’t see anything with their eyes anymore. Everything is done with a camera and through video. They don’t actually experience things – they view the world through a lens. And that makes me sad.




Leo - United States


I think you have to select a career that you really like, become good at it, and good opportunities will happen. People say, "You’re crazy for giving tours when you’re 85 years old." I always think if you like what you do, you never work a day in your life. I’ve always had that philosophy. And I like giving tours and meeting new people, I really enjoy it.


(Editor's note: Leo was hired into Caterpillar in 1949.)




Cecilia - Mexico


A Caterpillar colleague once asked me what was the reason to run triathlons if the risk of injury was always present. I told him that running these triathlons reminds me that you can complete anything you propose and that you can accomplish any goal as long as you have discipline. A while later, that colleague wrote me just to tell me he had enrolled in a marathon race.


Cecilia- México


Un compañero de Caterpillar una vez me preguntó que cual era la razón para correr estas competencias, si el desgaste era notable y el riesgo de una lesión estaba siempre presente, yole respondí que los maratones me hacen recordar que uno si puede completar lo que se propone y hasta donde puedes lograr cosas, el hecho de hacer estas pruebas y terminarlas merecuerda simplemente que si puedes lograr cualquier cosa siempre y cuando tengas disciplina…un tiempo después, ese mismo compañero me escribió  solo para decirme que se había inscrito en un maratón.




Michael - United States


 I believe the keys to success are laughter, understanding, forgiveness and building relationships. I started a sauce company about four years ago, Carolina Mikes Sauce Company.
I’m originally from South Carolina and I love to cook and feed people, and make people feel good about who they are.




Guillaume - Belgium


"Why did you choose a career in Manufacturing Engineering?"

I am a very practical person. I like to see, create and transform processes. All my jobs have been in operations. This is why I like to be close to the field. My current job is process design, and it is precisely this transformation from design to execution that excites me.




Manuel - Germany


Outside of work, I like to coach young people and adults on how to master western-style horseback riding at my stable.  Seeing apprentices, riding students and even their horses achieve goals every day is very rewarding.




Candice - United States


By giving tours and managing our Visitor's Services program, I am able to be on the front lines each and every day to shake hands with our customers. I like to consider myself an extension of the dealers' sales teams. Being able to show the competitive advantages our motor grader has over any of our competition fills me with pride. We truly do have the best motor grader out there, and it's an honor to share that Cat value with everyone that tours at North Little Rock.




Holly - United States


I’ve never been around so many people that are willing to lend a hand, that are so focused on changing the future and that want to make a difference in the community. Caterpillar isn’t about a job, it’s about a career and a way of life.




Nong Chen - Japan


"What is a challenge you have faced in your career?"

Many team members had been newly recruited not too long before my assignment as the lead of a new team. Furthermore, the team had just been integrated into the design portion of the excavation business, making it part of a large cross-functional team that operates globally. The new recruits weren’t all recent college graduates, either. Some of them came with twenty years of experience in the industry. So, how do you get all the individuals to feel like they belong, that they have their roles and opportunities to grow and that they are adding value? That is probably my most challenging but meaningful memory during my career.

Nong Chen - Japan

我曾有幸带领一支刚组建两年的挖机设计团队,它是当时卡特彼勒挖机全球事业部里最新的一分子,其中既有廿载经验的行家,也有刚出校门的新手。 我的职责是保证毎亇人都有机会充分地发挥其潜力和特长,在给客户和公司创造最大价值的同时,亇人也得到扎实迅速的提高。 和这支年轻团队的共同成长是一段令人难以忘怀的历程。




Brian - United States


All three of my children have Type 1 Diabetes or T1D. It’s a life-changing event to have a chronic illness come into your life, especially with children. Diabetes is a disease that requires constant monitoring of blood sugar and food intake.

There’s been a lot of heartache in it, but there is a lot that's been accomplished as well. One of the benefits has been connecting with other families. We started doing that shortly after diagnosis. We built a support group and the families felt hope from it. When kids see another child going through the daily rigors of diabetes management it helps them feel better about themselves.

My family volunteers with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the leading funder for T1D research. Central Illinois families, many affiliated with Caterpillar, have raised around three million dollars over the last 13 years for JDRF, mostly through an annual walk event that draws several thousand people and raises over $300,000 a year!




Marty - United States


"What is your biggest success?"

Seeing both my boys graduate college and know I helped pay for it. That was my goal in life – to make sure they were on the right path. My main goal in life when I had my boys was to do right by them. My wife and my boys – that’s why I’m here.




Holly - United States


The key to success is having a vision. I don’t know how you can succeed without knowing what you’re working towards. It’s like having all the ingredients to make a cake but not knowing that you want to bake. Also, you need to row your own boat and don’t worry about others’ boats. You can show someone how to row and you can help them row for a period of time, but you have to row your own boat. Row that boat to success and have your cake and eat it too!




Jerry - United States


I enjoy watching and coaching Little League softball and baseball and watching minor league games. I also enjoy thrift markets and garage sales. One man’s junk is another one’s treasure! I collect a little bit of everything … if I can figure out something to use it for, I’ll get it.




Ana - Brazil


I come from a family of bankers. My parents are bankers. My brother is a banker, and my husband is a banker. I studied to be a banker, and as an attorney I’ve always worked for financial institutions. I joined Caterpillar in September 2012 as the first attorney in Brazil with the challenge of developing the first Cat Financial legal services office in the country. The challenge was big, but I know I made the right decision. I work for more than a bank; it’s half bank, but all Caterpillar.

Ana - Brasil

Eu venho de uma família de bancários. Meus pais foram bancários. Meu irmão é bancário, e meu marido é bancário. Estudei para ser um bancário, e como advogado eu sempre trabalheipara instituições financeiras. Entrei para Caterpillar em setembro de 2012 como a primeira advogada no Brasil, com o desafio de desenvolver a primeira unidade de serviços jurídicos Ca tFinancial no país. O desafio era grande, mas eu sei que tomei a decisão certa. Eu trabalho para mais do que um banco; é metade banco, mas continua sendo a Caterpillar.




Tarun - India

There was a period of three to four months where I was working 16 hours a day, which included 200 kilometers of daily travelling because we were launching a new machine. So it was a very hectic year for me, and those three to four months were a lot of work. I had put in a lot of effort, and when I finally saw the machine running one month later on the test field, I literally wanted to run and hug it as if it were a human being. I could see all the effort that I had been putting in for the last few months right in front of me in the form of a machine.




Daniel - United States

“I like living in Arkansas, the Natural State. We have great outdoor hiking and beautiful scenery – like Pinnacle Mountain. I also like building wooden models of small buildings. Caterpillar allows me to use recyclable materials from the facility for my models.”




Mitch - United States

My greatest accomplishment would be in my personal life. I played fast pitch softball for 25 years on a national level. I made the all-world team in 1997 and was invited to try out for the U.S. National team in 1998. I believe the keys to success are to work hard and always be honest. People don’t always like the truth, but in the end it always pays off.




JoJo Jiang - China

I love painting and traveling around the world. I love the way you view the world when painting; you can observe the curve of a petal, or the expression on the face of a kitten. You find out many beautiful things when you paint or travel, which you might ignore in everyday life.






Mary Scott - United States

For the last six years, I've been volunteering once a week at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital as a Child Life Volunteer. My nights there vary from rocking and comforting newborns to playing video games and creating art with kids. Some nights can be tough for me, because kids just shouldn’t be sick! The kids are so resilient and many times don’t know any different. However, their parents fully understand and are processing the gravity of the situations, which is a very hard thing to witness. To sit across from a parent, who is opening up about his/her child being sick, is the saddest thing you can imagine. Although sad at times, the strength I get to see in the parents and kids at Vanderbilt is inspiring and a constant reminder of what’s really important in life.

When I get home, I go into my son’s room and stare at him sleeping and think, “How did we get so lucky?”. Volunteering is a small way for me to pay forward the luck I’ve had in my life.




Shelley - China

At work, I’m the happiest when I have the opportunity to learn something new – like a process or system – and have the ability to contribute to the team. Outside of work, I’m happiest when an outfit I’ve been wanting goes on sale.

Sun Jingkun 孙景坤

在工作中, 让我最开心的莫过于有机会学习新的东西,比如业务流程和系统; 和有能力协助团队. 工作之外, 发现自己心仪已久的服饰打折销售会令我兴奋.




Marco - United Arab Emirates

I am satisfied when I see that my team is engaged, working hard and efficiently, empowered to make decisions and ultimately fulfilled by what they do. We all work for a purpose and I like to think I help them accomplish their goals.




Jaime - United States


I play with my car, and I love to cook. I like making bread. I like the way it makes my house smell. I have neighbors that help me out, and I cook things for them. They scoop my drive in the winter, and if I get behind because I work too much, they mow my grass, so I make them bread. And they keep doing those things for me, you see. I make bread and I grill out a lot. I grilled out last night as a matter of fact. No dishes that way. Tin foil is your friend.




Stephen - United States


I was hired on as a contract worker in 2005 at the Lafayette facility and took a full-time position in Alberta, Canada in 2007, working there for 7 years before moving back to Lafayette in the summer of 2014. My current position is Parts and Dealer Support Engineer, a job which I find very engaging. I have a wonderful, supportive wife and 3-year old daughter who keeps me on my toes! My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ inspires me to put forth the effort in my job and life every day. Outside of work and family, my main hobby is roller derby. I play for the Indianapolis Race City Rebels and also play internationally for Team Canada. I initially got involved as a referee for my wife’s women’s team when we lived in Canada. They created a men’s team a few years later and I was hooked! I was honored to represent the Canada Men’s team in the World Cup in July 2017 in Calgary, where there were 22 teams representing 22 countries from around the world! At work, at home or in sports—for me, “teamwork with a united vision” is the key to success. To me, true teamwork is a group working toward a common goal on a common path. I have seen “teams” that have a common goal but try to accomplish that goal through different means. That team ultimately fails, and that is a lesson to remember.




Neha - United States


My family is very close knit. My parents and my brother are my best friends. Plus I have my grandparents in India who I spent a lot of time with when I was younger. I believe that experience and my parents really shaped who I am.




Wang Lele - China


In my life, so long as I have time, I’d always stay with my parents, as accompanying is the best way of caring. I like an advertisement, "You bring me up and I’ll accompany you while you’re old”.




生活中,只要我有空,我就会陪在父母身边,因为最好的关怀就是陪伴了。喜欢公益广告 里的一句话:“你养我长大,我陪你变老.”




Steve - United States

Being the bad guy is the hardest part about being a parent. You remember growing up with your parents being hard on you and you don’t want to be that way. But you have to discipline your kids because if you don’t, they can get out of control. So someone has to be the bad guy; and I’d rather it be me than someone else.




Tomas - Germany

The hardest decision I ever made was probably the best. After I had finished my masters degree in the Czech Republic, I moved to the U.S. on my own to get a MBA.  I left my family and friends but the decision has definitely paid off.  Eventually it brought me to Cat and shaped my personal and professional life forever.




Linda - United States

I went into nursing to make a difference in people's lives. I think to be a good nurse you have to have compassion. If you don't have compassion and don't want to care for people then you might as well hang up your stethoscope. You also have to have a sense of humor because it can be a wild ride sometimes.




Arseniy - Russia

The tougher the goal, the higher your personal growth. Working with different people in different countries with their own culture and habits makes you different. And that's awesome!




Vasanth - United States

Someone once told me, "Don't work too hard on your next step. Do the best job of what is on your plate and good things will happen." From that point, I have loved every part of my journey with Caterpillar over the past ten years.




Kris - United States

"Who inspires you?"

My dad. I pattern myself a lot around my dad. He’s easygoing, gets a lot done and he’ll do anything for anybody. That’s why I always try and follow his lead.




Kenny- United States

I went to school to be a graphics designer and worked as a designer at a few places. I had really reached the high end of what I could achieve at those companies. I realized I could stay a graphics designer and be fine with that for another 30 years, and my leadership would respect my decision. Or I could consider doing something slightly different, and that’s what I chose to do. You can leverage it to learn new things, and end up loving it.




Caroline - United Kingdom

A few years ago I was given six antique dining room chairs to go with a table my grandfather gave me. I wanted to get them re-upholstered, so I went to get a quote and it was very expensive. I decided to try to do it myself, so I joined a night class at my local college in upholstery. I spent hours redoing the six chairs, and I loved every minute of it. I have since done other projects, but I am running out of space in my house! 




Jacky Li -China


I like playing basketball. My colleagues are like my teammates – we help each other and make great efforts towards the same goal. This could be the diversity and inclusion that Caterpillar advocates. I enjoy my work and my life every day.








Joe - United States

I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan. My love for math and science led me first to Michigan Tech and then eventually to Caterpillar. Now, almost fourteen years later, the new machine model I have led an engineering team to develop is now being sold to companies all over the world, including near my hometown. Pride is knowing that my hard work creates meaningful solutions – even for smaller businesses. It truly comes full circle.




Amanda Shi - China


When I see empty plastic bottles and bags deserted on the Great Wall, in the pond, or all over the mountain, it is very difficult for me to just shake my head and walk away, leaving the trash there and knowing that they are nondegradable and will stay there forever. Sometimes, people forget that we need to cherish what we are enjoying and we should protect our own planet.








Lois - United States

My husband and I have a bass boat. My favorite thing to do is to be on that boat whether we are catching fish or not. My dad had a boat on the Lake of the Ozarks when I was seven years old, so I kind of like to say I was born on a boat.




Zhang Zijian - China


Dancing brings me the spirit of perseverance and the enthusiasm for life. For me, it is my soul. In one’s life, parents, mates and friends may leave you, but dancing won’t. As long as you involve yourself in dancing, it will always be with you.








Satyajith - Dubai


Cars make me happy. I love fixing them and perform maintenance on my own. Best part is working through the gears, and driving them on winding roads while listening to the exhaust crackle and pop during each upshift and downshift.




Victoria - Russia


The keys to success are very simple in my view. It is important how those keys can align as one working system that makes you happy, and not to lose yourself in the pursuit of success. These keys are: be honest with yourself and others, do your best at work and life, concentrate on the things that support your values and principles, be result oriented, consistently be the best you possible, and dedicate more effort to what you do. 




Mame - Senegal


"Who is someone you look up to?"


Muhammad Ali because he is the greatest. All of his life, he was fighting for what he believed in. For me, it is important to keep our values regardless of the circumstances




Ma Jianfang - China


I have access to new knowledge where I have learned that I have great room for improvement. Colleagues from other facilities are always keen to offer selfless help whenever I have questions. I really feel that Caterpillar is a big, warm family.








Terry - United States - Retiree


After my first day on January 3, 1966, when I got home after second shift on the burner lines in Building LL, my father was still up. He stayed up to ask how it went and said, “I have one thing to tell you. You went looking for a job; Caterpillar gave you a job, and so every day you come home from work, you look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Did I earn my money today or not?’”




Brian - Senegal


My biggest goal is to have a positive impact on the world. That sounds very general, but whatever I do I want to look at my presence on Earth as a positive one. It does not just include receiving and creating for myself, but it means playing an important role in other people's lives and being a force for positivity and a change in the right direction.




Wang Zhanwei - China


I have been deeply impressed by the word “innovation” since I was a kid. Back then, my innovation dream was to be a senior engineer or technical expert when I grew up. Even now, I believe only through continuous innovation can we enhance the quality of work and life. It’s what makes people move forward with courage rather than stand still.








Alexis - Belgium


Happy, successful people. I want to emphasize happiness and success, because there are successful people who are not happy. As a member of the Legal team, I have several life and work mottos that align with a common theme of having, and keeping, a positive attitude. My experience is that a positive attitude often helps you get through circumstances that you may not have any control over. To keep this in perspective, my life and work motto are as simple as combining a smile and enthusiasm together to form the basis of a solution.


Succesvolle en gelukkige mensen. Ik wens de nadruk te leggen op geluk EN success; er zijn immers succesvolle mensen die niet gelukkig zijn. Als lid van het juridische team, heb ik verschillende levensspreuken met eenzelfde thema dat doelt op een positive attitude erop nahouden. Mij ervaring immers leert mij dat door een positieve houding we bergen kunnen verzetten. Mijn leven en werk motto komen er dan ook eenvoudig op neer je glimlach te gebruiken en jouw enthousiasme als basis voor het vinden van oplossingen.


Des gens qui réussissent tout en étant heureux. Je tiens à préciser réussite et bonheur car il y a trop de gens qui réussissent mais en n'étant pas heureux. En tant que membre de la division juridique, j'applique différénts principes de vie et de travail mais tous gravitent autour du même thème qui est de garder une attitude positive. Mon expérience est qu'en gardant une attitude positive on est capable de décrocher la lune. Ma devise est donc simplement tourner vers le fait qu'un sourire et de l'enthousiasme sont les bases pour trouver des solutions.




Li Chunhui - China


I was always impatient when I began working. I didn’t have enough patience to hear others share all what they want to say. My character, working attitudes and styles changed after I fell in love with fishing. There I can quietly stare at the water for hours – it has made me a more patient person.




刚参加工作时,我做事总是很急躁。与人说话,也没有耐心听完。但自从我喜欢上钓鱼,觉得自己的性格 发生了改变,能静静地盯着水面一两个小时。正是这样的体验,也改变了我的工作态度与工作方式.




Erica - United States


"What advice do you like to give to aspiring female leaders?"

Be the best you. Don't try to be the woman who came before you or change the women that are coming behind you. You don't need to change who you are to move ahead. Remain true to the things that make you special.




Shi Zishuai - China


I love to climb wild mountains – it has inspired me a lot. In a previous climbing experience, when a team member broke a bone and could not move, a dozen strong members volunteered to carry the injured person along the dangerous roads to the foot of the hill. At the end, we all cheered and cried. We were very excited by the successful rescue. I encourage everyone now to believe in your team, believe in your team members and believe in every step you take.








Chris Wang - China


I am from Global Supply Network Division, providing logistics services for Tianjin facilities. To be honest, I am totally a Caterpillar fan. When I see machines in Caterpillar yellow or hear others talking about Caterpillar, I cannot help feeling proud.








Brian - United States


Since I transitioned into a supervisor role with direct reports in two different facilities, I have the challenge of needing to be in two places at one time. Doing this is nearly impossible, but I have somehow managed to make it happen. It can be very stressful at times; however, when I feel overwhelmed I jump on my ATV and just ride – that is my personal stress relief.




Rachel Mao - China


I used to be a national athlete, engaging in radiogoniometry for six years, and I have ranked sixth with my team in the national radiogoniometry championship. Radiogoniometry refers to measurement of the azimuth and elevation of received radio waves by using a direction finder. We always have training and competition held in mountains with poor condition. I have witnessed dangers in the process, but also had many interesting experiences. What’s most important, I get lifelong benefits from the sport because it helps me own good physical condition and allows me to tackle difficulties with firm belief. My baby is still young, so I hope in future I can reengage in the sport.








Vincent Zhu - China


Staying with my son is my happiest time. Although I am annoyed when he is naughty, in most cases, I feel melted by just a word or smile of his. That’s the happiness I want. Many people believe success is only related to career or wealth, but I think family plays a very important role and is also very important in success. I will really think about it if my career reaches its peak at the cost of family because a balance between career and family is a greater success for me.








Xu Chao - China


During my career, my mentor, Liu, has had a deep influence on me when I was learning at Caterpillar Xuzhou facility. He has taught me not only skills but also the way of doing things. He told me that ‘honesty’ is very important and I should admit bravely if it’s my mistake. Now I have become a trainer from an apprentice. I am very grateful to him.








Benjamin Liu - China


Once I come to an unfamiliar building, the first thing is to look for exits subconsciously. But I’m not working for secret service like we see in a movie; instead, I work for Caterpillar. There are a lot of examples showing Caterpillar’s emphasis on safety and safety awareness is in the blood of every person working at Caterpillar. The strict requirement for safety has deeply affected me, which is my biggest gain I get from Caterpillar.








Anthony - Dubai


"What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?"


Leaving my home country and moving to Dubai. But, Dubai is a melting pot of cultural diversity and I like that.




Mary - United States


"What’s a hard decision you’ve had to make in your life and how did you get through it?"


Opening up my own hair salon. I asked myself, “Do I really want to do it, do I really want to commit?” Because when you have your shop in your home, you get calls night and day and they know you’re there. But I liked it, and it was good at that point in time when I needed it to stay home with my children.




Lizbeth - Mexico


Just as the beginning of my career started with a friendship, it has developed in the same way.


Lizbeth - MÉXICO


Así como el incio de mi Carrera en Caterpillar comenzó con una amistad, se ha ido desarrollando de la misma manera.




Jason - United States


I have been a mechanic for twenty years. Until Caterpillar, I had always commuted into the city to find work. There was always a disconnect from my co-workers because I was not from the area. What I really enjoy about working locally at Caterpillar is the sense of community. I see my co-workers at the grocery store, at my son’s baseball games, and at local events with their families. We are all involved with charities, fundraisers, picnics and parades through Caterpillar. My work life now flows seamlessly with my home life. I finally feel like I am where I belong. We are all “Real Cat Folks” here and I love it!




Sanjay - India


Over time, you and your beliefs evolve. You are shaped because of the responsibilities that are given to you, challenges you face and the opportunities we learn from the people we admire. I'm a people person and I want to help people. That is the person I am because if I help and develop one, they may be able to help and develop another. If you have a learning ability, if you are a people person and if you are collaborative, success will come your way.




Shravan - India


"What do you think your biggest life success is?"

Success is a journey and not a destination. Winning over myself each day and becoming better than what I was yesterday is what success is to me.




Greg - Singapore


‘‘Work hard, play hard." I really do believe in that. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. I have this little thing on my desk that says, "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" The whole ideas is don’t be afraid of failure, take a risk, whether it’s personal, work related or whatever. Just don’t be afraid to take a chance. The results may surprise you! My whole career at Caterpillar has been defined by me being willing to take a chance and Caterpillar being willing to challenge me as well.




Wanda - United States


I would love to do all of my craft projects!  I would love to be able to finish my photo album, start a jewelry craft project and spend time with my husband working on leather crafts!




Wei Junhao - China


I saw a Cat 307D parked by the roadside once when I went back to my hometown. I was excited because the model was produced at my facility, Caterpillar Wujiang. I was quite proud to introduce myself as an employee from Caterpillar to the machine owner, and he told me that “Caterpillar machine is very good with high power, high performance and high efficiency.” I was very happy to hear his praise and see a Cat machine in my hometown. As a Caterpillar member, I was quite proud.



有一次我回老家,看到路边停了一辆Cat® (卡特) 小挖307D,我马上眼前一亮,这不正是 我们工厂生产的型号嘛。于是我立即走向前去,想看个究竟,没想到就遇到了车主。我向车主表明 来自卡特彼勒工厂,并且工厂正在生产这一型号的挖机。车主很热情地与我攀谈起来,他说:“卡 特彼勒的车好,跑起来有劲,性能好,效率高。”被他这样肯定,我顿时心里美滋滋的,没想到还 能在老家看见自己工厂的产品。作为卡特彼勒的一员让我感到自豪。




Tasha - United States


I graduated from The California Maritime Academy with degrees in both mechanical engineering and marine engineering technology; and an Unlimited Horsepower, Steam, Diesel, and Gas Turbine, US Coast Guard 3rd Assistant Engineer’s License. I wanted to use my license, so I chose to go to sea on U.S. merchant ships after graduation.  I worked on a lot of tankers that brought crude oil from Alaska to the Port of Long Beach, and on various other ships that took me overseas before coming to work at Solar.




Pasinn - Thailand


I joined Caterpillar on September 1, 2011, and was part of one of the first employee groups at CRTT.  I have seen how much CRTT has grown and developed. Caterpillar is one chapter in my journey.  I have had many opportunities and feel supported since the day one. The most important thing that Caterpillar has taught me is Values In Action, and I am so proud to be one of the Caterpillar family.


ผมได้เข้าร่วมงานกับ บริษัท Caterpillar ตั้งแต่เมื่อวันที่ 1 กันยายน 2553 และเป็นพนักงานรุ่นแรกที่มาทำงานกับ CRTT ผมได้เห็นว่า CRTT มีการเจริญเติบโตและพัฒนามากขึ้นเพียงใด Caterpillar จะเป็นบทบทหนึ่งในชีวิตของผม และผมได้รับโอกาสมากมาย รวมทั้งการสนับสนุนตั้งแต่วันแรกที่ก้าวเข้ามา สิ่งที่สำคัญที่สุดที่ Caterpillar ได้สอนให้ผมรู้จักคือ ค่านิยมในการปฏิบัติงาน และผมภูมิใจที่ได้เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของครอบครัว Caterpillar




Sylvia - Belgium


Aero-karate is a personal project that I have been actively supporting for two years now. I am proud of this project because the benefits are both physical and mental. I really enjoyed karate, but I could no longer compete. I eventually turned to aero-karate, which combines fitness with karate and boxing techniques, accompanied by upbeat music. Furthermore, all the family can take part!


Sylvia - Belgique


Le club Aérokaraté est un projet personnel que je fais vivre depuis près de 2 ans. Je suis fière de ce projet puisqu’il a des bénéfices tant au plan physique que mental. J’aimais bien le karaté mais comme je ne pouvais plus combattre, finalement, je me suis orientée vers cette discipline taebo qui allie du fitness, des mouvements de karaté et de la boxe sur une musique entrainante. Et toute ma famille y participe !




Evelyn - United States


I am a cofounder of the International Coalitions for Saving the Wolves. We start petitions and raise awareness about the wolves. We show documentaries and we are engaged in the wolf patrol on the eastern side of the United States in the lower 48 states. The Wolf Patrol takes their cameras and they go out and they protect the wolves from poachers.




Zhao Hui - China


Looking back to my 14 years with Caterpillar, I have learned a lot. While I grow and serve the company, I like helping others and giving back to the community. I have participated in the corporate social responsibility team of Asia Power Systems (Tianjin) Ltd in 2011 since its establishment. I was there in every corporate social responsibility activity, from tree planting and maintenance, bookshelf donation for the hope library and stationery and clothes donation for people in need. Because I know, the rose's in her hand; the flavor in mine. I’d like to try my best to serve others.








Neena - United States


I think the keys to success can be defined as WIN. The first key to success is to Work hard. Anything worth having is worth working hard for. Nothing comes easy. The second key is to Integrate excellence in everything that you do, from drafting an email to running a project. The third and final key is to Never give up.  Failure is a part of our life. You have to see failure as a stepping stone to success.




Gisela - Mexico


I've been part of Caterpillar for more than five years. When I think of all the experiences, the first one I remember is the "Expo Maquila" 2011 (a local expo for factories). Our stand was restless with a big crowd from diverse environments including students, employees from other companies, suppliers and the general public. I realized for the first time the impact that Caterpillar and its products and services have in the community. Throughout the years I have grown professionally and personally. I am a fan of challenges, from extreme sports to a new job assignment. I firmly believe that being the best at all times, in all you do, brings great unexpected results. My motivation is my family; my goal is to be a great influence for my children, and make them proud; as proud as I am to be part of a global empire of monster machines, where all employees have equal opportunities to grow.

Gisela - México

He sido parte de Caterpillar desde hace más de 5 años, y cuando recuerdo todas las experiencias vividas, lo primero que viene a mi mente es la “Expo Maquila” de 2011, nuestro stand siempre estuvo lleno, con estudiantes, empleados de otras compañías, proveedores y público en general. Me di cuenta por primera vez, del impacto que Caterpillar, y sus productos y servicios tienen en la comunidad. A través de los años he crecido profesional y personalmente, soy aficionada de los retos, desde los deportes extremos, hasta una nueva tarea de trabajo, creo firmemente en que si somos los mejores siempre, en todo lo que hacemos, eso nos traerá resultados inesperados. Mi motivación es mi familia, mi objetivo ser una influencia positiva para mis hijos, y orgullo, ser parte de un imperio global de máquinas monstruo, donde todos tenemos la oportunidad de crecer.




Ma Guohua - China


I have fallen in love with photography since 2006. The flowing water, the mottled ancient bridge, and the stream of people are all my objects. Photos record the good moments of the past and I feel everything is so beautiful when looking at my works.






Leandro - Brazil


Before working here, I used to say to my father while we were driving in front of the company: "One day I will be a Caterpillar employee!" Once I had the chance, I applied and got the opportunity.

Leandro- BrasÍlia

Antes de trabalhar aqui, eu costumava dizer ao meu pai, quando nós estávamos dirigindo em frente à empresa: "Um dia eu vou ser funcionário da Caterpillar!" Uma vez que eu tive a chance,eu me candidatei e consegui a oportunidade.




Richard - Indonesia


I’m a perfectionist. I work really hard. Or I believe that I work really hard and I’m always pushing myself to do new and different and unique things, and I think that’s why I ended up here in Indonesia. A little bit of a risk taker you might say. And then if you looked at my strengths-finder profile, you’d see I’m a ‘woo.’ I’m always trying to win others over.




Fernando - Spain


I've always loved music and movies. Many years ago I was a huge fan of a movie named The Thing Called Love starring River Phoenix. It’s about four aspiring singers and songwriters seeking love and stardom in the music business. There was an open mic session in a famous place called "The Bluebird Cafe” in Nashville, Tennessee. Fate had it that later I joined Caterpillar Financial and had the opportunity to visit Nashville. The moment I stepped into the Bluebird Cafe I felt an emotion you only feel when a dream comes true.

Fernando - España

Siempre me ha gustado la música y el cine. Hace muchos años me encantaba una película titulada “Esa cosa llamada amor” protagonizada por River Phoenix. Contaba la historia de 4 cantantes amateurs que buscaban hacerse un hueco en el mundo de la música. La película estaba rodada en un famoso bar de Nashville llamado “The Bluebird Cafe”. El destino hizo que varios años después comenzara a trabajar en Caterpillar Financial y tuviera la posibilidad de visitar Nashville. Al entrar en aquel local sentí como un sueño se hacía realidad.




Ravi - India


I am an active member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Council of the Hosur Industries Association. At the ground level I perform the job of a traffic warden. I take a stand at arterial junctions of the national highway and regulate traffic. Every morning, I come to the facility for my regular day job. Once I complete my day job, within one hour of that I take up my traffic warden job. On both Saturday and Sunday, I spend at least five hours working as a traffic warden.




Andrzej - Poland


My adventure with karate began when I was ten years old. I practiced for about ten years, but stopped when I began studying at the university. Seventeen years later, I was working in Belgium and would pass a karate group as I walked my kid to tennis club. After a few weeks, I became keen on joining. Now, I’m more passionate about karate than I was as a teenager, which is pretty amazing. I took the grading for my 3rd dan black belt last year in Tokyo, Japan, with Hirokazu Kanazawa, world-renowned master of Shotokan karate. He is a legend. It is something that I would not even dreamt about as a kid when I started my karate adventure.

Andrzej - Polska

Moja przygoda z karate zaczęła się, gdy miałem 10 lat. Ćwiczyłem regularnie przez kolejne 10 lat, jednak będąc na studiach przerwałem treningi. 17 lat później, kiedy pracowałem w Belgii, za każdym razem gdy odprowadzałem syna na zajęcia tenisa przechodziłem obok sali, w której odbywały się treningi karate. W końcu, po kilku tygodniach zdecydowałem, że to dobry moment, aby znów zacząć przygodę z karate. Ze zdumieniem muszę przyznać, że po tylu latach jestem bardziej zafascynowany karate niż w czasie kiedy jako młody chłopak zacząłem regularne treningi. W zeszłym roku zdałem egzamin na 3 dan, czarny pas, w Tokio u Hirokazu Kanazawy, światowej sławy mistrza i legendy karate Shotokan. Kiedy zaczynałem moją przygodę z karate, nawet nie marzyłem, że coś takiego stanie się moim udziałem.




Renari - Dubai

"What do you enjoy most about living in this area?"

First of all, it's a very safe place to live. And secondly, it’s close to my home country (Georgia) – so I can visit my country regularly and see my family several times a year.




Ismael - Belgium

I am someone who likes to learn and develop. I started work as a professional soldier over in Germany before undergoing training as an electrician. Afterwards, I became a monitor in youth homes. In this role we organized games and excursions for the youth, and by doing so, we were able to provide guidance and support. Then I worked for 15 years in the office furniture business. I hope that Caterpillar will be my last job!


Ismael - Belgique

Je suis quelqu’un qui aime apprendre et évoluer. J’ai commencé le travail en tant que militaire de carrière en Allemagne. Puis j’ai suivi un parcours d’électricien. Après, j’étais animateur de maison des jeunes. Dans cette fonction, nous invitions les jeunes du quartier à venir participer à des animations et sorties. En ce faisant on leur donnait un encadrement et du soutien. Ensuite j’ai travaillé pendant 15 ans dans le mobilier de bureau. Et maintenant, j’espère que Caterpillar sera mon dernier emploi !




Laura - Mexico

My biggest accomplishment at Caterpillar has been my certification as a certified Associate Welding Inspector for the AWS (American Welding Society); it has been a big challenge and has had a huge impact on my life.


Laura - México

Mi mayor logro en Caterpillar ha sido la certificación como auxiliar de inspector de soldadura de acuerdo a la AWS (American Welding Society); ha sido un reto muy grande y de mucho impacto en mi vida.




Qiang Wang - China

"What is your life motto?"

Challenge coexists with opportunity. I have grown from an assembly employee to a group manager over the course of my career. There are dozens of projects I have participated in; two projects left a deep impression on me. One was starting a new facility and working with a team to build it from the ground up. The other is the Tengfei project, which greatly enhanced the capacity of production here in Asia Pacific. Although these projects were challenging, they turned out to be great opportunities.

机遇与挑战并存。18年来,我从一个普通装配员工一步一步成长为一名生产部门团队经理,如今担任质量主管一职。在APS工作的这些年来,在参与过大小数十个项目中给我留下最深刻印象的有两个,一个是APS新厂房的建设,另一个就是APS的腾飞项目。通过腾飞项目,APS将从原来年产不足千台发电机组成长为年产3万余台发电机组生产能力的工厂。尽管这些项目充满挑战,但也是巨 大的机会。




Catherine - United Arab Emirates

My family inspires me the most. Seeing my children’s school achievements and my husband’s encouragements makes me feel good. I am at my happiest whenever I am with my two children and husband, playing around or swimming.




Julie - United States

I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Someday I’m going to nursing school. I started classes around 9/11 and then when that happened it was chaotic. It got pushed back, so I didn’t finish. I would love to do labor and delivery. I was there for all three of my grandbabies’ births. With my granddaughter, I was the first person she saw. That’s the coolest thing.




Mark - Switzerland

“What’s an accomplishment that you’re really proud of?"

Becoming a German-speaking DJ on a German radio station. I am very proud of that. I wanted my language skills to be such that even people from Germany could not identify me [from Scotland]. When I was chosen to be a DJ from among other applicants who spoke native German, it made me pretty proud.




Marcus - United States

I have a wonderful family. My oldest son is in Huntsville, Alabama, going to school. And my daughter lives in Abingdon, Illinois. There’s my wife, Sarah, and two boys: my youngest, Kingston, and my eight year old, Bishop. And they’re doing very well and just happy. They love it that Daddy builds tractors. Every time they see a Caterpillar tractor, Daddy built it. Every one. Every machine Caterpillar makes, I have my hands in it. I’m like … okay!




Andreas - United States

“Always assume it’s your responsibility.” At this point, I don’t remember where I first heard it or who said it, but it has served me well. To me, this comes down to being accountable and seeing the bigger picture instead of becoming hung up on something small. Determine your goals, set a plan to get there, and strive toward the sense of achievement you will surely feel when the job gets done.




Lelya - Russia


I have many passions in my life competing for priority. From music to travel and family to friends, to animals and all kinds languages. Finally, common sense brought me to linguistics where I became an interpreter including 20 years with Caterpillar. I feel I am in one of the best periods of my life in terms of personal and professional growth. My advice to people for happiness and success is to love what you are doing, be open and honest, and never be afraid to ask for advice. A little luck helps too!




Zhou Chunhui - China


Since I joined as an operator six years ago, I have never stopped using my brain during my everyday work. I keep trying to find an easier, more efficient and stable way of working. I take great pleasure is problem-solving – it motivates me to absorb new knowledge and improve myself.




自从我6年前加入卡特彼勒上海再制造以来, 我提出了大量的工艺改进建议。这都是基于我在工作 中爱动脑子,因为我一直以来致力于找出‘‘更省力、更简单有效、质量更稳定’’的零件加工方法。 同 时, “为了解决问题而去学习’’也成为我不断学习新知识、完善自我知识体系的原动力,也是我最快 乐的事.




Zhao Yuanyuan - China


My happiness comes from small things: a hug from my kid, greeting from my family, a delicious meal, an unplanned travel, harmonious time with my coworkers and positive feedback from my supervisor.








Adam - United States

I enjoy learning about how things work and sharing my knowledge with others. This has led me to become quite involved in both auto and electronics repair outside of work. I am always happy to take on an automotive repair project for a friend as long as the weather is nice and they are willing to learn.




Tim - United States

My biggest success in life is raising two intelligent, well-balanced children. I have a third life mission, something to do with people in groups, their processes, their culture, but I’m not sure what that is yet.




Tamara - United States

Things turn out best for those who make the best for the way things turn out. I think you should just have to think that way sometimes. 




Alberto - Belgium


Empathy is key. Even if we think that technology is a techy technical piece of knowledge, I can tell you that in most cases the human factor is critical on deploying technology. At the end it’s all about people.


L'empathie est un aspect clé. Même si nous pensons que la technologie est une matière qui demande plain des connaissances techniques, je peux vous dire que dans la plupart des cas, le facteur humain est essentiel sur le déploiement de la technologie. A la fin, tout est au tour des personnes et leurs façons d'embrasser les technologies.


La empatía es clave. Aunque creemos que la tecnología es una pieza que exigen un nivel de conocimientos técnicos elevado, yo puedo decir que en la mayoría de los casos, el factor humano es fundamental para el despliegue de la tecnología. Al final, todo se resume a las personas y a sus maneras de adoptar las tecnologías.




Judicael - Senegal

My motto is work hard, play hard. It might sound intense but what I mean is that it's important to have some type of balance. During work, you have to be able to have endurance. You really don't want to burn out too quickly. I learned that in the first two years of work because I tried to do everything. I try to take a few minutes now, and reflect on my work, which helps me when I come back to it. 




Chase - United States


We all get caught up in the American dream of thinking one day we'll retire, have work/life balance and spend time with our family. We waste the majority of our life, in order to enjoy it when we're 60 or 70 years old. I want to enjoy life along the way.




Shirley Yue - China


I’m a welding process engineer and have been working for Caterpillar Zhengzhou for seven years. I like my team, the corporate culture and working environment. My biggest harvest at the facility is that I’ve met a lot of mentors and good friends here.








Gao Jian - China


I am in pursuit of perfection, no matter if it’s for work or life. My attitude in life is to do everything the best I can. It’s very tiring for sure, but I still take every day and everything of every day seriously. I don't want any regrets when I get old.








Bill - United States


I've been around Caterpillar in one way or another for my whole life. My stepfather worked for a Caterpillar dealer in Wyoming, so I grew up around Cat machines. The first thing I ever drove was a Cat small track-type tractor when I was about seven. After 22 years with Caterpillar dealerships, I finally had the opportunity to come work for Caterpillar. I'm very proud of the fact that many customers used to say I bleed Cat yellow.




Bram - Netherlands


Among the many countries I'm traveling to recently, I'm particularly enjoying the interacting with dealer specialists and a customer in Istanbul, Turkey. Working together to field test a new wear parts system and discussing the results over regional delicacies like chai (tea) and baklava (sweets) brings a lot a satisfaction in a very diverse environment. 


Tussen de vele landen die ik bezoek recentelijk, heb ik vooral veel plezier in de interactie met dealer specialisten en klanten in Istanbul, Turkije. Met hen samenwerken aan een veld test voor een nieuw systeem van slijtdelen en de resultaten bespreken onder het genot van lokale specialiteiten zoals chai (thee) en baklava (zoetigheid), brengt veel voldoening in een diverse omgeving.




Jiang Jilian - China


Badminton, table tennis and basketball are my favorite sports – they exercise my strong will and team spirit. In 2015, I participated in the facility’s basketball game even though I was injured, so I was very proud when my team became the champion.






Richard - United States


"Were you born deaf?"

Yes. My wife wasn’t born deaf but became deaf after an illness with a high fever, so I think it’s more difficult for her. If you’re born deaf, that’s just what you live with. Still, it’s important to not tell yourself you can’t do things. Only disability will say, “I can’t.” I ride a motorcycle. The first time I wanted to do it, people told me that I couldn’t. I said, “Yes I can, and you can’t stop me.” You know, there’s a blind guy who rides a bicycle in the city because he uses his ears to see. He hears the traffic and everything around him to guide his way.




Matthew - United States


My biggest influence has always been my dad. I've always wanted to do exactly what he does and walk a mile in his shoes. My dad is a retired engineer from Caterpillar. He also got his engineering degree from Bradley University. He's got two sons – I'm one of them, obviously – and I have two sons. He's from the area and he moved to the West Coast after he graduated from school, and I graduated from Bradley and moved to the East Coast. It's just so weird how my and my dad's lives have been very similar.




Liu Lili - China


Although frustration can leave a deeper impression, others should be open to share their difficulties they have met so others will avoid failure. Every time I see that my sharing is helpful to others it makes me happy!






Brian - United States


"When have you felt like an outsider? How did you overcome that?"

Everyone feels like an outsider at certain points because we are such a diverse work culture. Sure, I may not fit in, but I’m going to be myself and authentic; if they don’t like it, that’s okay, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. As long as we can work together and get the job done. That’s what we are here for.




Li Baoping - China


Sports can change your life. Running while listening to music helps me forget all the tiredness and worries of my day.








Ana - Brazil


I found myself in love with Cat brand. Everything we can deliver and everything that yellow iron can do is awesome!  Volunteering at plant tours, Brand Awareness Week and career job fairs is just part of the fun. It feels amazing to share my passion through my daily work and going the extra mile.


Sou apaixonada pela marca Cat. Tudo o que somos capazes de entregar e tudo o que as máquinas amarelas podem fazer é incrível! Ser voluntária para visitas na fábrica, Semana da Marca e feiras de talentos é apenas parte da diversão. É uma sensação muito boa compartilhar minha paixão pela marca no dia a dia e poder fazer sempre mais.




Beverly - United States


I am currently working on my 31st wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. There is nothing more breath-taking than seeing the smiles on the faces of the children when their wish has been granted. As a child, I struggled to see any benefit from feeling like an outsider and being forced to overcome it. Now when I reflect on that part of my life, I see that I was developing a skill to improve others' lives with hope, strength and joy.




Daniel - United States


Getting a degree won’t guarantee you success, but it definitely can’t hurt you. It something I’m proud of and it benefited me greatly. I was in an adult graduate study program, so I met with other students one night a week for a study group. At the same time, I was still working in Greenville, South Carolina, at one of our facilities. We had just started our third shift, so I’d go into work at 3 a.m. and leave at 3:30 p.m. Then I would head to school from 6 -10 p.m. and get back up and get ready at 2 a.m. for work. It was a crazy few years, but in 2010 I graduated with a degree in Business Administration.




Wang Zhichao - China


At Caterpillar, the most unforgettable experience was when I witnessed the first Mini Hex 306 being assembled from parts and components and rolling off in the Wujiang plant. At that time, there were not so many employees at the facility, with a bit more than 20 employees on our team. We encountered a lot of problems because it’s our first try, but we have solved all of them through joint efforts. I was quite happy and excited when I saw it roll off, because it’s the result of teamwork.






Stephanie - United States


"What inspires you?"


Noticing how much of an influence I have on my children and their friends, even subconsciously. It makes me want to be a good example. That is why I like trying things I've never done before like mud runs, triathlons and other things… So my children see that they can do anything.




Parthasarathi - United States


When I look at every day as I grow older and older, I always think of how I can be a better person in this world and society.




Saagar - India


I really hope to travel the world someday. I just want to take a one way ticket somewhere and experience as many countries as I can. I have always wanted to go to Alaska – definitely a place on my bucket list.




Amit - India


Writing down everything I've learned on a sheet of paper would be difficult, but if I have to pick one, the only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and experience it. With such a diverse environment, Caterpillar is no less than an ocean, where every challenge is an opportunity.  I continue to learn from it....




Chris - United States


"What inspires you?"


A can do attitude. People that will give you their best, which makes me give them the best I can.




Jun Masuzawa - Japan


I am part of the team that has designed excavators for three different product series over 35 years. What I am most proud of is how the hydraulic system and components that my team is responsible for have contributed significantly to high machine performance.






Pablo - Mexico


I like a lot of outdoor activities, but what I’m passionate about is football – American football. I played almost my whole childhood up until I was 17 years old. The high school I went to didn’t have a team, so I began coaching. I coached young kids from 8-17 year olds. I had to give it up, but I am preparing my comeback.




Todd - United States


In my free time, I like to race off-road motorcycles. I’ll go from the Proving Grounds straight to the race track, so I’m always on the go and never slowing down. I have two kids – my son is 28 and my daughter is 22 – and they’re both into off-road motorcycle racing, too. My daughter just started racing and has just made me the proudest dad ever, because she won her first two races. We’re headed up to northern California in about two weeks for another race – I’m chasing a national series for vintage racing. I’m racing an old off-road motorcycle.




Nathalia - Brazil


I am an employee of Caterpillar for 17 years, I started as a coop student and now I am working as a Strategy & Governance Manager. I am very proud to have known Caterpillar through my father, who worked here for nearly 30 years. I remember all the good examples he shared with us and factory visits as a child in the Family Day events. Remembering this history and today being a part of the team of a company like Caterpillar, which has strong values, recognizes its employees and seeks to continuously improve the solutions to fully meet its customers makes me feel proud and accomplished.




Sou funcionária da Caterpillar há 17 anos, comecei como estagiária e hoje atuo como Gerente de Estratégia & Governança. Tenho muito orgulho de ter conhecido a Caterpillar por intermédio do meu pai, que trabalhou aqui por quase 30 anos. Recordo-me de todos os bons exemplos que ele compartilhava conosco e das visitas à fábrica, quando criança, nos eventos do Dia da Família. Relembrar esta trajetória e hoje fazer parte do time de uma empresa como a Caterpillar, que tem valores sólidos, valoriza seus funcionários e busca aprimorar, continuamente, as soluções para atender plenamente seus clientes me enche de orgulho e faz com que eu me sinta realizada.




Stephen - United States


My biggest success in life thus far has been raising my three daughters. Just like my work, I take pride in my girls and have taught them to be respectful, meet challenges head on and always give 110% effort.




Talha - United Arab Emirates


"Who’s influenced you most in life?"

Growing up, I always saw my parents as positive and happy in both good and bad times. They taught us two rules in life: One, the most important thing in life is family. If you have things sorted out in your personal and family life, you will perform well at work. Two, be happy with what you have today while you work for what you want tomorrow.




Kush - India


"What inspires you?"

What inspires me is simply when the “ impossible becomes possible” – to tackle a problem and never give up , no matter how challenging.




Santhosh - India


"Who has been the most influential in your life?"

I undoubtedly regard my father as the biggest influence in my life. He is from the Army and hailing from an Army family; discipline and decorum were the order of life. Several times, I think to myself, "Will I be able to raise my children the way I was brought up by him?" I will definitely try to pass on the cultural and educational legacy to my children in the future. I consider him to be my friend and mentor in all situations. Living away from home, I never miss an opportunity to visit him during festival and vacation.




Sushma - India


I am associated with an startup organization called TREAT, which organizes lunch and outdoor treats for children who live in various orphanages across Chennai.  The treats are given on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. I am part of this team and we are planning to expand more as we grow and get help from various people.




Bradley - United States


My love for riding bikes and the joy I receive from giving back to the community collides with the Autism McLean’s Cycling Adventures for Autism Awareness. I am in the process of training for this ride where we will cycle from Bloomington, Illinois, to Greenville, Ohio. I am fortunate to have good health and giving back to those that may not is enjoyable.




Wan - United States


I spent 23 years in the Army and retired as a Command Sergeant Major. I learned one phrase during my career that continues to motivate me in everything I do – "toujours prêt." It’s French for "always ready." For me, it means to be prepared to go above and beyond each day. Whether it’s assembling an engine for our Caterpillar customers or dedicating time to our foster children, it motivates me to be my best.




Zheng Wei - China


I joined Caterpillar Suzhou seven years ago when the campus was just a piece of grassland. Now it is a world-class facility and I have witnessed every step of its growth and grown with it. The most fulfilling moments are when medium wheel loaders and motor graders from our facility receive great feedback from our customers and the market worldwide. As a member of the inspection team, I would love to see our machines win more customers with superior quality.


我在卡特彼勒苏州工厂已经工作7 年了,伴随着工厂从刚开始的一片草地,到现在变 成一个成熟的世界级工厂。7 年来,我见证了它点点滴滴的成长,也伴随着我自己的 成长。我最骄傲的莫过于作为检验团队的一员看到我们生产的中型装载机和平地机质 量越来越好,获得更多来自全世界客户和市场的优秀反馈。我希望通过我和团队的共 同努力,将苏州工厂的机器质量做的更好,赢得更多的客户。




Sun Jie - China


I joined Caterpillar Suzhou in 2014. Although I am a maintenance worker, my passion is in welding. I’m very proud that I have recently won the second place on behalf of Caterpillar in the recent Suzhou Industrial Park Professional Skill Competition. In my spare time, I plan to be a certified senior welding technician this year. The most impressive experience at Caterpillar was we celebrated the delivery of 15,000 units and our second shift employees ate cakes with the number 15,000 on it. I like cycling and cooking, especially cooking for my wife and child every day.


我是2014年才加入卡特彼勒的新人。虽然我现在的岗位是维修工,我学习的专业却是焊工,在前不久的苏州园区高技能职业竞赛上也代表公司获得了二等奖。 业余时间我也在不断充电,希望今年能将焊工高级技师证拿到手。加入卡特彼勒苏州以来,印象最深的是去年15000台庆典时,中班同事一起分享蛋糕的情景。平时生活中我喜欢骑自行车和烧菜,每天给妻子孩子做饭是一种幸福。




Chris - Northern Ireland


After months of working with so many others to create a generator unit in the virtual world, seeing the generator coming together in the iron for the first time is very satisfying. I also enjoy seeing some of the stories showing our product being used in real world applications. Many times, our products are helping people in desperate situations, which shows how Caterpillar employees can make a real difference.




Crystal - United States


From a personal standpoint, my sister has influenced me a lot. There is a seven year difference between us so I’ve always seen her as a big sister, but she sometimes plays that mother role too. I grew up on the West side of Chicago and my mom and dad both did not graduate from college. My sister, though, went on to Illinois State and started working at State Farm. This pushed me to work harder.




Sandamali - United Arab Emirates


"What’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but keep putting off?"

I always wanted to become a high-end fashion designer but still keep pushing it away.




Joanna Zhao - China


I find work fulfilling when I complete a new project, either a big one or a small one, that needs you to use your brain power or even to explore creative solutions, through teamwork and my own efforts. I am filled with a sense of achievement when I help business units achieve their objectives and see my value well recognized by the business units. As a corporate counsel, the most important thing is to provide solution oriented legal advice to our clients. Instead of just saying no, I need to let them know how to avoid business risks while moving the business forward. It’s easy to say "no," but simply saying "no" does not help. It’s important to offer solutions.






Deepti - United Arab Emirates


"Who has influenced you most in your life?"

My father. I’m totally a daddy’s girl and every decision I make is inclined to him. He instilled in me the value of hard work and perseverance. He always challenges me and encourages me to strive for excellence. If I can constantly seek to improve myself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, then that’s the best goal to have because that’s the goal that will keep me happy, help those around me, and turn me into an idea and innovation machine that will inspire others.




Priyanka - India


Growing up, I got trained in Indian Classical music and sung in various events and competitions. During college, I took up coding as a serious hobby, participating in coding events all through school. After starting work, I have fallen in love with sports – badminton, cycling and running.




Amelia - Singapore

"Could you share a fond memory of an experience at Caterpillar?"

I used to work in Caterpillar Transportation. At that time, the team was new and we had to travel a lot because we had to move these Cat machines from the factory to ship them to the dealers. I was new to the company then. I got to go to India to see how we transported this big off-highway truck to the port. Considering the very challenging landscape in India, it was difficult trying to truck this huge machine on roads that were not properly constructed. The lanes were small and the guys had to push up cables that were hanging by the road so that our big vehicles didn’t trip all those cables. I think that was very exciting.

Amelia - 新加坡





Mary - United States

"Who was most influential in your life?"

My parents. They taught me to grow up to be a decent person. We grew up not having a whole lot of stuff so I tried to get my kids what they wanted because I didn’t have a lot when I was growing up.




Lavina - United Arab Emirates

I think I have a lot yet to achieve! The biggest one is yet to be witnessed! I would love to be a successful entrepreneur and have a fitness/dance/yoga academy of my own!




Harry - United States

My family is my legacy. I’ve raised four daughters by myself since 1999. The most important thing I’ve taught them is that they can achieve anything. Life is just a stepping stone and you have to look at it in a good, positive way. Caterpillar gave me a chance after being unemployed for five years. I never thought they’d hire me because of my age. When my youngest was having a rough time, I told her to fill out an application. The next thing I knew, she was hired on full-time after three months of being an agency worker. Today she’s a team lead, going strong and learning as much as she can. I’m very proud of her.




Youxiang Zhang - China

I grew up on a cotton field on the coast and came to Suzhou for school. Suzhou is a beautiful city with the combination of modern industry and ancient history. I like to spend my spare time playing soccer and climbing mountains in the neighborhood. I've always wanted to learn to play guitar and want to play for my son in the future. He's 14 months old and my biggest wish is to watch him grow up happily.






Talita - Brazil

My greatest inspiration? My daughter. After she was born I see the world with different eyes. There is this new feeling of freely giving without expecting anything in return. It’s a new kind of accountability when another person counts on you to meet their needs. It assures you that you are important and have great responsibility – my actions and words affect another life. I always think, “What values do I want to reflect?”

Talita - Brasil

Minha maior inspiração? Minha filha. Depois que ela nasceu eu vejo o mundo com outros olhos. Aprendi sobre o sentimento de doação sem esperar nada em troca. É uma nova forma de responsabilidade quando uma outra pessoa depende de você para atender suas necessidades. Faz você se sentir importante e ter um grande compromisso - minhas ações e palavras afetam a vida de outra pessoa. E com isso, eu sempre penso: 'Quais são os valores que eu quero refletir?'