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Technology Licensing

Do you have an idea that can help Caterpillar delight our customers?  

Is there a Caterpillar technology that could help you?  See the technologies on the top of Caterpillar's strategy and the capabilities we have to solve your problems.  Technology Licensing is your one safe source at Caterpillar to evaluate your idea, get you connected with the appropriate group within our global enterprise and develop the appropriate agreement.


Automation & Enterprise Solutions

Technologies associated with automation, data analytics, operator assist, remote control and autonomy, which provide a range of features between operator assist to full autonomous operation to customer site solutions.

Our goal is to improve operator productivity for all experience levels, lower operating costs, optimize service intervals and leverage technology and big data analytics to provide customer site and business solutions.

Energy & Transportation

Non-diesel fuels powertrains. Reduce cost, size and packaging. Fuel efficiency improvements: energy reuse, idle and transient strategies. Integrated power conversion for machine, rail, marine, petroleum and electric power markets.

Our goal is to increase power density, efficiency, alternative fuels use, life and extended service interval while significantly decreasing owning and operating costs.

Factory Technology Solutions

Technologies that improve the operating efficiency and effectiveness of our factories.

Our goal is to improve productivity, first time through quality, process capability and overall cost to serve. Our value chain must be engineered to eliminate deviations, receive perfect orders, reduced lead time and reduced inventory levels with a flexible manufacturing cost structure.

Machine & Machine Systems

Machine configurations and architectures that provide breakthrough improvements in performance, durability and total owning and operating costs.  Concepts include hydraulic and electric powertrain & hybrid systems, optimized structures, operator assist, autonomous operation and augmented & virtual reality.

Our goal is to provide machines and machine systems with improved efficiency, greater uptime, modularity at significant lower owning and operating costs.

Other Technologies

Caterpillar works in all the fields of science and engineering to provide products and services for our customers.  We are looking to grow adjacent and transformational businesses.  If you have an idea that can take Caterpillar to a new place, we want to know about it.

Consider a Caterpillar Technology

Caterpillar has technologists in all the fields of science and engineering. Chances are if you have a need for a technical or business solution, Caterpillar will be able to help. Consider licensing a Caterpillar technology. Just tell us what problem you need to solve.


Before continuing, Caterpillar encourages you to seek intellectual property protection for your ideas. Protected ideas may have significantly greater value for both you and Caterpillar.

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