Cat® Machines Paved the Way for 1950s Brazil

It could be said that Cat® products paved the way – literally and figuratively – to make societal history in 1950s Brazil. Even today, Brazilians associate the development of the country’s main infrastructure with Cat equipment – and one visionary leader.

In 1955, the newly-appointed president of Brazil issued an unprecedented challenge to Brazilians. Juscelino Kubitscheck wanted to make the equivalent of 50 years’ progress in only five years’ time. The five-year plan identified five priority industries: transportation, infrastructure, energy, education and food.

With 60 percent of the population – or 30 million people - living in rural areas, modernization of the country was integral to supporting the agricultural economy. Kubitscheck knew that by investing in development new jobs would be created and the country would be better positioned for current and future growth.

Known as the “father of modern Brazil”, Kubitscheck also launched the boldest project of all: constructing a new city in the central region of the country – Brasilia - that would become the new federal capital. His dream came to fruition when the capital moved to Brasilia from Rio de Janeiro in 1960. Hundreds of Cat machines helped to construct the city which would serve as a regional gateway and facilitate future development.

Now, 60 years later, customers and operators are proud to carry on the legacy of continuous improvement and sustainable progress that all began with a vision, a desire to change and some heavy earthmoving equipment.

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