A Gift from a King

My name is K. Somkid and I am a Caterpillar recruiting supervisor in Thailand. On weekends, I shop at the Kamnan Chul Farmery Shop at HomePro on Sukhumvit Pattaya Road. It's where I buy oranges, lemons and sweet tamarind.

One recent Sunday, the shopkeeper overheard me talking about my new job at Caterpillar to my sisters. She told me that Kamnan Chul’s employees have known Cat® products for 50 years. Then she showed me a video about how His Majesty the King granted a new Cat D8 Tractor to the farm in 1965. 

I know the name of Kamnan Chul from my younger days living and studying in the Phetchabun province. Kamnan Chul worked to end poverty and create better lives for his family and fellow villagers. Kamnan, also known as ‘Head of the Sub-district,’ created jobs for local villagers by establishing farms to grow oranges and vegetables. But his major obstacle was the lack of equipment needed to clear the land. Highlands in this region are surrounded by mountains, making this terrain especially challenging. 

In 1964, His Majesty King Bhumibhol visited Kamnan Chul’s farm and was impressed with Kamnan's work. Fifty-nine days after the royal visit, Kamnan received a Cat D8 tractor as a gift from the King. The tractor was to be used to improve the quality of life in Phetchabun and maintain farming activities that were the source of income for local villagers. It was in use from January 21, 1965, until January 21, 2006, without a failure. The farm has since created a beautiful monument for the D8 tractor, honoring its 40 years of service. 

I was surprised to learn that a place I visit regularly is home to an honored D8 tractor. 

At the end of her story, the shopkeeper told me, “The outstanding Cat D8 product quality is evident by 41 years of unbroken service.” She was impressed with the quality and longevity of the tractor. She went on to say the machine provided many good jobs, helped many new families and created large orange farms in her homeland. I gave her a big smile and told her we now make this tractor in Thailand by Thai people. Her eyes were bigger than the orange I held in my hand. She invited our Caterpillar team to visit the farm and take part in team activities. I told her that as an employee of Caterpillar, I have a strong passion to furnish qualified candidates and support the sustainability, growth and development for Thai people.

Click here to watch a video about the history of Kamnan Chul’s farm. Even if you don’t speak Thai, you’ll appreciate the videos of the farm’s D8.