9,000 Pins and Counting

The Caterpillar Torreon safety department provides a pin to team members who achieve 100 days without injury.

Torreon produces components and work tools for various loaders and track-type tractors, as well as evacuation and forestry machines. The facility has been busy recognizing many employees’ safety commitment. Some areas have more than 2,800 days without injury, and since 2005 more than 9,000 pins have been earned by employees. 

“I appreciate this kind of recognition because, before I do my work, I always think of my family and my integrity,” said Oscar Lopez, one pin recipient.  

The pin pictured was the first pin in program history. The key messages on the pin translate as “I work with safety” and “safety first.”

Torreon has additional programs to recognize and encourage safety. The Keeper Program evaluates the skills of an employee during a trial period as they develop a process or perform a task. “Safety Contacts” ensures that for each unsafe behavior reported, there are more safe behaviors recognized.

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