Thomas A. Pellette

Tom Pellette is a group president of Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Ill. He is responsible for Caterpillar's Energy & Transportation Group, which includes the following divisions: Marine & Petroleum Power, Progress Rail Services, Electric Power, Solar Turbines, Industrial Power Systems and Large Power Systems.

Since joining Caterpillar’s Solar Turbines Division in 1993, he has held a range of sales, engineering and product support positions with increasing responsibility, including significant experience in leadership positions in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Prior to joining Solar, Pellette worked for Tennessee Gas and Leybold Technologies. In 2012, the Caterpillar Board of Directors named Pellette a Caterpillar vice president and the president of Solar Turbines. In January 2015, he was named a Caterpillar group president for Construction Industries.

Pellette, a native of Los Alamos, N.M., graduated in 1985 from Rice University with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Vice Presidents

William P. Ainsworth Senior Vice President of Caterpillar Inc. and President and CEO of Progress Rail Services and its subsidiaries.

Thomas J. Frake Vice President of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for the Global Power Solutions Division.

Pablo M. Koziner Vice President of Caterpillar, Inc. and President of Solar Turbines Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., based in San Diego, California.

Tana L. Utley Vice President of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for Large Power Systems Division.

Ramin Younessi Vice President of Caterpillar Inc. with responsibility for the Industrial Power Systems Division