Making a Difference

We believe in commitment—the power of responsibility. As individuals and as a company, we contribute significant time and resources to promoting the health, welfare and economic stability of our communities.

At Caterpillar, sustainability is our commitment to helping our customers build a better world, it is part of who we are and what we do every single day. We recognize progress involves a balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth. We also lead industry and community initiatives that share our commitment to making sustainable progress possible here in the U.K.

We pride ourselves on being a good corporate citizen and a positive neighbor in the many U.K. locations where we operate. Our involvements include:

  • Investing in skills and training.
  • Collaborating with leading U.K. universities to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Math).
  • Working with national charity partners.

Through the support of the Caterpillar Foundation, we have developed significant funding partnerships with leading U.K. organizations such as the Prince's Trust and Action for Children.  Caterpillar Foundation grants continue to empower young people with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce both now and in the future.