Making a Difference

We believe in commitment—the power of responsibility. As individuals and as a company, we contribute significant time and resources to promoting the health, welfare and economic stability of our communities.

From the work of the Caterpillar Foundation to individual employee efforts, Caterpillar people believe in giving back to our communities. Individually and collectively we make meaningful commitments—first to each other, and then to those with whom we live and work.

We support environmental responsibility through sustainable development; leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment and helping our customers do the same. We also lead industry and community initiatives that share our commitment to making sustainable process possible in India and around the world.

Each location is individually engaged in a wide variety of ways. With the Caterpillar Foundation, we are working to make sustainable progress possible by supporting projects that advance knowledge and education, promote access to basic human needs and protect the environment. Our key partners include Akshaya Patra, United Way, Room to Read, SOS Children's Village, These long-term partnerships are very important to Caterpillar, its management and employees.