How Our Team is Lending a Hand In Times of Need

From taking on extra cleaning responsibilities, developing online trainings or making desserts for medical professionals, these people found ways to help each other, our customers and their communities during these difficult days. They embody Our Values in Action, and we’re proud they’re part of our team

IPSD Seguin

Caterpillar people make a difference in the communities where we live and work. The team in Seguin, Texas has been taking care of those in most need during this crisis!

  • Donated 3,500 meals to the San Antonio Food Bank
  • Distributed 1,000+ “classrooms in a box” to K-6th students
  • Donated $500 to Meals on Wheels San Antonio
  • Donated $1000 to St. PJ’s Children’s Home
  • Donated $1000 to Guadalupe County United Way
  • Donated $1000 to Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation
  • Donated 7,000 meals to New Braunfels Food Bank

IPSD Seguin IPSD Seguin
Photo credit: Seguin Gazette

Alisha Coultas, Victoria, Texas

Alisha may work as a team lead on the boom and stick line in Victoria, Texas, during the day, but at night, she's sewing and donating masks for nurses in need of personal protective equipment (PPE). And with PPE supplies stretched thin throughout the world, her efforts are helping many in the Victoria community. Every night, Alisha tries to make two to three masks. She posted her first several masks on social media, and since then, nurses in the Victoria, Texas area have reached out asking for them.

"Knowing I can give (healthcare workers) a slight bit of relief in a very difficult time is a very great feeling," Alisha says.  

Alisha Coultas, Victoria, Texas Alisha Coultas, Victoria, Texas

Quan Yi, Nanjing Office, Lei Shing Hong Machinery

Due to the social distancing caused by the epidemic, the company organized online product training to ensure normal work progress. When receiving the assignment, Quan Yi, director of marketing support, was worried about her lack of experience in this regard. She quickly devoted herself into the study of online training and created a program. The new training mode was highly recognized by Quan’s colleagues. Congratulations!

Quan Yi, Nanjing Office, Lei Shing Hong Machinery Quan Yi, Nanjing Office, Lei Shing Hong Machinery
Please note that the use of masks was required by the government in this location.

Stephen McLone, IPSD Asia Service & Customer Support Manager

Stephen’s been living in China for 7 years, but he’s originally from the UK. When the COVID-19 outbreak began, his sister wanted him to come home. Stephen decided to stay in Wuxi and support his new community.

Knowing how hard healthcare professionals were working to take care of the sick, he and his family made 150 Chinese-style desserts to take to the medical staff at a local hospital. He said he wanted to express his gratitude and recognize the sacrifices the staff was making in to fight the spread of the virus.

Your kindness hasn’t gone unnoticed, Stephen. Thanks for representing Caterpillar’s Values in all you do. 

Stephen McLone, IPSD Asia Service & Customer Support Manager Stephen McLone, IPSD Asia Service & Customer Support Manager

JA Delmas, West African Cat Dealer

Our West African dealer, JA Delmas, always puts its customers’ health and safety first, but especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. The dealer recently kicked off a multi-channel campaign to promote e-Commerce solutions, which allows customers to order parts from their offices or homes.

The dealer is leveraging various channels such as LinkedIn, counter mats, messages in email signatures and text messages to notify customers of this online solution.

Thanks to JA Delmas for ensuring the safety of employees and customers, while making sure customers can receive the critical parts they need to keep their businesses running.

JA Delmas, West African Cat Dealer JA Delmas, West African Cat Dealer

Yuhui Liu, Lei Shing Hong Machinery North

In face of the epidemic, how to effectively communicate with customers and respond to their needs in an agile way has become a first and foremost challenge for the company. To address this, the marketing team of Lei Shing Hong Machinery North came up with an innovative idea to ensure customers’ access to products and services. They built a live broadcasting platform to connect with customers.

As a member of the team, Yuhui Liu made her debut as an anchor. With the company finding new ways to marketing online, Yuhui will continue to anchor and bring customers updated information through this new form of communication. 

Yuhui Liu, Lei Shing Hong Machinery North Yuhui Liu, Lei Shing Hong Machinery North

Scully Shu, Cat Financial Customer Relations Documentation Manager

During the COVID-19 outbreak in China, many customers could not leave their homes and projects sites were closed due government restrictions. Scully led the team to develop a Customer Care Program. Her team provided contract modifications to our customers to help get them through this difficult time.

“I was initially very concerned as my payments for one unit of 349D2L and one 336D2 were due. Modification significantly eased my worries, and the application process was made effortless with the digital contract,” said one customer in Jianzi.

Thanks to Scully and her team for providing this much needed help to our customers. It’s a great testament to how Cat Financial is there to support our customers.

Scully Shu, Cat Financial Customer Relations Documentation Manager Scully Shu, Cat Financial Customer Relations Documentation Manager

Cuichan Liang, Guangdong Office, China Engineers Limited (CEL)

Cuichan Liang from the security department of Guangdong Office, China Engineers Limited (CEL), helped the dealer with control and prevention during the epidemic. She implemented a series of epidemic prevention measures in an orderly manner, including providing protective equipment supplies, timely delivery of health check-in documents and disinfecting the office environment. She participated in every aspect of the epidemic prevention routines and safeguarded people in the office with her meticulous work.

Thanks for your diligence in keeping people healthy!

 Cuichan Liang, Guangdong Office, China Engineers Limited (CEL)  Cuichan Liang, Guangdong Office, China Engineers Limited (CEL)

Morton Distribution Center

A critical part was needed to make face shields for hospital employees in the Peoria area. The order was placed at 9:02 a.m., and the part was ready for pick up at 10 a.m. That’s fast! Meet the doers who moved fast to support healthcare workers!

  • Katie Boyer: Expedited the order and reached out to the area to have them pick/pack ASAP
  • Dusty Reeder: Let Megan know about the order and the urgency
  • Megan Ganion: Picked/packed the order and brought it directly to the shipping office
  • Katy Bath: Communicated with the internal customer and let them know the order was ready for pickup. She also offered to meet them at the front of the building.

Teamwork, great communications and a sense of urgency – that's how they roll in Morton! 

Morton Distribution Center Morton Distribution Center

Campinas, Brazil

In April, our team in Brazil donated mask production material to accelerate the delivery of the face shields for hospitals in Campinas, Brazil - a region heavily affected by Covid-19. The masks are produced by a local technical school, Bento Quirino.  In addition, an institute (Bentao Maker) funded in part by our team and Cat dealer Sotreq, is helping support the front-line teams that are fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. The institute is dedicated to developing and teaching technology and innovation. 

Campinas, Brazil Campinas, Brazil

Marcus Morbidelli, Brazil

Marcus Morbidelli, part of our Campo Largo team in Brazil, is doing essential work on Cat machines during the day. And, he’s dedicating his evenings to other important work: helping provide resources to local hospitals. Marcus owns a 3D printer and is using it to produce face shields to those fighting in the front line against the Covid-19 pandemic. “I’ve tried to put myself in their shoes [and] I decided to help with the resources I have at home”. In the first weeks of the outbreak, Marcus produced and donated more than 30 face shields to healthcare professionals in Curitiba/PR.

Marcus Morbidelli Marcus Morbidelli