A Partner for the Long Haul

Last year’s historic hurricane season impacting the areas surrounding Houston, the Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and many other Caribbean islands was no different. Together with our dealers, we helped our customers and communities by providing equipment, hands-on support and donations.

In the months that followed, those impacted have shifted their focus to rebuilding. For example, in Texas communities like Houston and Victoria – home to many Caterpillar employees – thousands of families who lost their homes and belongings are still grappling with the aftermath.

Read more about our role in natural disasters in the 2017 Sustainability Report: Caterpillar and Cat dealers help customers weather the storms.

A Partner in Rebuilding

The Caterpillar Foundation supports organizations like the Red Cross and the United Way to ensure people’s basic human needs are met following a disaster. But, the needs continue long after a disaster strikes.

Helping Support our Communities

Houston and Victoria – Communities where our employees live and work.

In support of its mission to develop resilient, sustainable communities, the Caterpillar Foundation has announced two separate investments with the Victoria County United Way and United Way of Greater Houston totaling nearly $1 million. The funds will help provide temporary living assistance and support critical, long-term housing needs in the communities.

“There are many immediate needs following a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, and we recognize these needs continue long after the news headlines diminish,” said Caterpillar Foundation president Michele Sullivan. “We’re proud to support the Victoria and Houston communities as they shift their focus to rebuilding, helping to place people back on the path to prosperity.”

Making an Impact Around the World

In addition to the Victoria and Houston investments, last year, the Caterpillar Foundation donated $300,000 to aid the American Red Cross in immediate relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. The Foundation is also a member of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, which provides a funding base that allows the Red Cross to respond immediately to the needs of individuals and families impacted by global disasters. The Caterpillar Foundation’s investment with Give2Asia serves as a similar model for providing disaster support specifically within China.

Learn more about the Caterpillar Foundation and the work of its partners here.


Pictured, left to right are Caterpillar Group President Tom Pellette, Caterpillar Excavation Division Vice President Zach Kauk, United Way Executive Director Dolly Stokes, United Way Board of Directors President David Edwards and Caterpillar Group President Bob De Lange.