Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas and diesel engines in the 4-2000 kW/5-2800 hp range, with the capacity to produce up to 900,000 units per year. The largest single customer for these engines is Caterpillar, which comprises around 30% of sales volume. This percentage includes Perkins branded engines going into FG Wilson™ and Olympian™ products. The largest portion of sales is into the European market although sales in the Asian market are rapidly increasing. In these markets products are sold direct to OEMs and distributors.

Backed by 85 years of manufacturing experience, the Perkins brand has always been committed to fulfilling its customer needs. Global product support provided by 3,500 distribution, parts and service centers is a key element of the Perkins brand proposition.

With more than 20 million engines produced, of which 5 million are still actively supported by Perkins distribution network, Perkins products have earned a reputation for reliability, dependability, flexibility, integration and low cost of ownership.

Perkins’ key strength is its ability to tailor engines precisely to meet customers’ requirements, which is why its engine solutions are trusted by more than 1,000 leading manufacturers. As the leaders in the manufacture of industrial engines, OEMs and end-users value Perkins’ trusted reliability and tailored technology powered solutions. Perkins is a respected and valued brand renowned for its diverse range of quality diesel and gas products, delivered by a highly experienced global team. A key part of the Perkins value offering is its global product support network which ensures all its engines are kept running wherever they are used around the world.

Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel and gas engines in the 4-2,000 kW (5-2800 hp) market. To learn more about Perkins, please visit

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