Caterpillar Latino Connection (CLC)

Who We Are
Caterpillar Latino Connection (CLC) leverages Latino culture as a competitive advantage, and works to connect employees to the Latin American culture, language, history and business practices.

The Caterpillar Latino Connection was formally created in February 2006 as a medium for Caterpillar employees to connect to the Latin American culture, language, history and business practices. CLC members participate in monthly general meetings, networking socials, career development workshops, community involvement & external recruiting events, among others.

Our Vision

Help Caterpillar achieve global leadership through people, multiculturalism and inclusion.

Our Mission

Building Caterpillar's global excellence by leveraging Latino culture as a competitive advantage.

Critical Success Factors/Committees

  • External Recruitment - Provide valued support and resources to Caterpillar's recruitment efforts.
  • Community Involvement - Enhance Caterpillar's image in the Latino community and provide members the opportunity to engage in community activities.
  • Career Development - Contribute to CLC members' success through mentorship, career planning and leadership development.
  • Language and Cultural Support - Serve as translators and hosts for Caterpillar's employees, dealers and visitors from around the world.
  • Networking and Social Opportunities - Provide social activities and networking events that support Caterpillar's retention, employee engagement and inclusion goals.

Strategic Areas of Improvement/Committees (supporting CLC Critical Success Factors)

  • Reaching Critical Membership Mass
  • Effective Communications
  • Process Partnership Development