Lambda Network (Lambda)

Who We Are
Caterpillar Lambda Network (Lambda) helps to create an inclusive environment for Caterpillar's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer employees, and their allies, and works to educate on the perspective and value of the LGBTIQ community.

In support of Caterpillar's non-discrimination policy, which includes sexual orientation, Lambda helps to educate employees on the perspective of the LGBTIQ community.


All Caterpillar employees are equally valued and have equal career advancement opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Critical Success Factors:

  1. We will educate Caterpillar leaders to value LGBTIQ employees in the workplace. (Owned by: Education Committee)
  2. We will foster a sense of community for LGBTIQ employees by providing meaningful meetings and social activities for Lambda members.
  3. We will build member engagement through ongoing high-touch communications and mentoring relationships.
  4. We will build an advisory board comprised of change agents who will help further Lambda’s LGBTIQ educational awareness and provide guidance on executing Lambda goals and objectives.


Caterpillar Lambda Network consists of an executive sponsor, one chairperson, vice-chairperon and three committees with over 170 members. Committees include:

  1. Activities - Plans quarterly membership meetings, social activities and town hall meetings, along with an annual community service project.
  2. Communications - Creates and maintains Caterpillar Lambda Network Web site, membership list and general communications to members and/or stakeholders.
  3. Learning / Education - Partners with the Global Diversity Office to develop LGBTIQ learning, awareness and education opportunities.

Benefits to Members

Each member of Lambda has the opportunity to attend member meetings, social events and town hall meetings and community service projects. Members and non-members can also participate in our mentoring program that assigns a mentor/mentee based on the individual's specific needs (newly "out" employee, career development, co-worker/supervisor of a LGBTIQ employee, or a family members of a LGBTIQ individual).