Experienced Professionals (EP)

Who We Are
The Experienced Professionals Resource Group (EP) focuses on professionals hired with outside experience, and works to attract and retain key talent by valuing diverse skills and perspectives of individual members.

Caterpillar’s Experienced Professional Resource Group was formed in June 2008 to provide career enhancement for experienced professionals hired into Caterpillar. The group’s emphasis is on attracting and retaining key talent while leveraging the diversity of skills and perspectives each person brings to the organization.

As Caterpillar continues to grow, there will be an increasing need to hire professionals with outside experience. The EP Resource Group was established to aid Caterpillar in recruiting, onboarding, developing and retaining these individuals.

EP is supported by its executive sponsor, Vice President Pablo Koziner, along with its advisory board. The group consists of five committees:


  • Reviews current mentoring processes
  • Develops a network of mentors
  • Effectively communicates with hiring managers

Member Engagement:

  • Advertises group activities and recruits new employees
  • Surveys members regarding value of activities
  • Develops communication vehicles, process


  • Develops leadership capability
  • Provides strong sponsorship


  • Educates leaders regarding cultural barriers and the value of experienced professionals
  • Creates understanding of the need for increased numbers of experienced professionals
  • Highlights success stories


  • Hosts candidates
  • Provides feedback regarding appropriate hosting opportunities
  • Helps new hires get connected early

EP holds monthly general membership meetings which vary from formal presentations to more informal networking get-togethers. Presentation topics cover subjects of interest identified by our general membership, aligned with the five committees above. Meetings are open to all Caterpillar employees, as EP promotes diversity and inclusion.