Caterpillar Asian Indian Community (CAIC)

Who We Are
Caterpillar Asian Indian Community (CAIC) serves the needs of Asian-Indian employees, and works to attract, retain and engage employees of Asian-Indian origin.

C-AIC was formed in 2008 to serve the unique needs and address the concerns of employees of Asian-Indian origin. The organization is working to develop a framework for knowledge exchange and informal interaction and identify resources available for the development of core competencies. The group supports and assists corporate efforts to attract, retain and engage Asian-Indian employees, while serving as a corporate resource on issues related to Asian-Indian culture.

Caterpillar is recognized as a worldwide leader in recruiting, retaining and engaging employees of Asian-Indian origin.

C-AIC will create a supportive framework for employees of Asian-Indian origin, nurturing their abilities and skills, and enabling them to function at their highest potential.

Committees and roles

  • Hosting Committee: Provides informal orientation services to prospective candidates so that they become productive members of the team Caterpillar. Assists visiting and relocating employees in adapting culturally and socially.
  • Communications Committee: Responsible for all communications.
  • Membership Committee: Performs activities to support membership growth, ensure adequate representation of members at all levels, carry out member surveys, identify member needs, convey requests/needs of members to other committees and maintain membership metrics.
  • Social Committee: Organizes activities that promote networking and informal information exchange.
  • Mentoring and Learning Committee: Implements programs that promote knowledge sharing. Organizes workshops, hosts guest speakers and conducts activities that enable members to become fully engaged in achieving Caterpillar's corporate goals

C-AIC enables its members to harness untapped potential and develop informal working relationships with other members that enable them to succeed and help move Caterpillar Inc. from good to great.

C-AIC provides an excellent environment for developing leadership, communications and team-building skills that can be taken back to the workplace. Opportunities for community involvement will be explored in the future.