Armed Forces Support Network (AFSN)

Who We Are
The Armed Forces Support Network (AFSN) supports Caterpillar military veterans, and works to encourage growth, participation, partnership and support to Caterpillar employees and their families.

The AFSN launched in May 2007. Through its four principle committees—Troop & Family Support, Partnerships, Participation and Growth—CAFSN promotes and supports personal and career development for Caterpillar military veterans through networking and mentoring programs. CAFSN also is ready to serve those Caterpillar employees and their families during times of re-activation and deployment.

Each of CAFSN's four committees focuses on an important area:

  • Growth Committee: Explore opportunities to partnership with corporate organizations in order to showcase the experience and knowledge of Veterans who are seeking employment with Caterpillar.
  • Participation Committee: Encourage the membership to take part in various aspects of CAFSN activities.
  • Partnership Committee: Establish military and community support networks that are able to partner in support of the Armed Forces to meet the critical success factors of the CAFSN.
  • Troop & Family Support Committee: Provide support for Caterpillar Employees called to active duty and their families.

CAFSN's other role is to assist with recruiting and career development of veterans throughout the enterprise and Cat dealers. CAFSN believes that the talents and "can-do" philosophy developed in the military can tremendously benefit Caterpillar worldwide.