Shattering Myths On-Site

Making a major change starts with small steps, but as for the infrastructure world, the challenge is even bigger.

We all know that working in the heavy equipment industry requires a lot of energy and strength. But this story of Talia Amar from I.T.E – Israeli Tractor & Equipment, will give every woman a moment of pride and a source of inspiration.

For the last 3 years, Talia has worked as the Quarries Division Manager at I.T.E., a very challenging and demanding role that no other woman has filled before in Israel.

"Most of the quarries managers that I work with gave me 3 months of grace period,” says Talia, remembering her first days on her job.

"I believed in myself from the very beginning and I knew I can handle this intensive role. The secret is to be very service oriented 24/7 - that’s what the customer expects from our company, especially when we are dealing with large companies that invests a large amount of resources.”

Being in charge and handling the quarry activities with ITE requires full attention to every little detail and to provide them the added value and the best customer experience.

"Over the years, we have positioned ITE as a technology leader and that gave us the added value in the industry. The customers are thirsty for knowledge and for new technologies that will make their work more efficient.”

Changing myths is difficult by all means, but with the combination of courage, vision and a lot of hard work, Talia Amar set a goal and made maybe the biggest change of all – the change of perception.

ITE – Israeli Tractor & Equipment
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