My Mom is My Inspiration

My mom is my inspiration.

My journey into Caterpillar 13 years ago was not easy. When inquiring to a senior professor at school about how to get an internship at Caterpillar, I was told "You'll never work there." I was crushed as I grew up in this community and had a "yellow family.”

Thankfully, I realized that I just wasn't one of his favorites and it was only his opinion and not reality and that I would show him someday. I had a suffered rejection a couple times, but my mom encouraged me to never give up and that I had a lot to offer. It took a lot of perseverance to get a job here and I am grateful that I kept trying and I had the support and encouragement of my mom along the way.

I have enjoyed every job and love working at Caterpillar!

Kelly Jolly
HR Manager