My Grandfather & Mother as Advocates

Grandfather, father, husband, business man, dreamer, and supporter are a few of the many words that come to mind when I think of my grandpa, or as we lovingly call him, Thatha.

In this picture, you can see my mother at a young age on my grandfather's hip. This picture was taken when my grandfather brought two of his daughters to the airport to greet his customers, as he wanted them to see the importance of creating meaningful relationships and exceeding customer expectations. As my mom got older, he made an intentional effort to have her attend business meetings and help with the family business. Fast forward to several years later, my grandfather supported two of his daughters as they went to a different country to continue their education and follow their dreams.

When my mom had children, she struggled with the guilt of leaving her children to go to work and wanted to quit her job. My grandfather immediately took the opportunity to offer my mom a position at our family business, where she could work flexibly to spend more time with my brother and me when we were young. He reiterated the importance of her providing to her family not only as a caregiver, but as a working mother who would be a role model to her daughter (me)!

As a working young woman, I am so grateful that I have my grandfather and mother as advocates and champions for women. They inspire me to be bold for change.


Neha Viswanath
Human Resources – Global Diversity & Inclusion