How My Family Inspires Me to Be Bold

My husband, two sons and daughter inspire me to be bold in life. They all do so in different ways, but equally contribute to enabling me to be who I am. 

With my husband, his inspiration started back in our college dating years where I realized this was a guy who wasn't going to be threatened by my ambitions in life. He seemed to be ahead of his years in wisdom of how this would work out for us as a couple and it's truly been a pleasure going through the growing pains of life and maturing with him. He's a talented professional in his own right and has taken sacrifices when opportunities came up for my career. He did this, knowing whether he is with Caterpillar, another company or driving toward being an entrepreneur, he would figure out his own path - despite my career. That's a bold and true confidence that inspires me. 

My two sons inspire me to be a mom that raises men who value a female contributing to her family, her profession and society. My oldest is at an age where he now comprehends that, is proud of what his mom does and talks with me about it regularly. That inspires me to continue being who I am, teaching my son a different perspective on what a good mom can look like. I recently had a daughter, which has given me a new level of inspiration as a mom with a career. Should she grow up and wish to pursue a professional career of her own someday, I want her to know that having a seat at the "leadership table" should be about talent, not gender. 

We all have influences in our lives that drive us to do what we do and be who we are. My hope is that we utilize those influences to energize us and continue to drive positive change!


Amy McCoy
HR Manager – Industrial Power Systems