Being Bold by Challenging Gender Bias and Inequality

I’m proud of the work being done at Caterpillar through Women in Leadership. That’s because I can tell my 5 year old daughter that obstacles to her future success are being steadily removed by forward-thinking leaders in our company and others like it. My wife and I already tell her and her brother that they can truly grow up and do whatever they want to work toward. And, the key to that statement is that both my son and daughter should be measured by their work, leveraged by equivalent opportunities. 

So, how can we make sure the opportunities for my son and those for my daughter are equivalent? I think it starts with remembering that, as a guy, he has some privileges today that she might not have. That’s right. I’ll admit it. There are privileges to being a guy. Privileges that are easy to take for granted.  For example, I don’t have to think too hard about how what I’m wearing might make someone feel. Also, nobody is surprised that I have kids and also choose to work. There is a lot I just don’t typically have to think about each day when I’m at work that others do. 

But, with those privileges comes responsibility. It’s become very clear to me that part of that responsibility is to make sure I’m supporting our efforts to remove obstacles to the future success of women in our company. Not because the women I know need anybody’s help. But, because they deserve the same opportunities that I have to succeed. 

In support of International Women’s Day, and the shared efforts at Caterpillar, I am being bold by challenging bias and inequality. I’m doing that to support my friends, my family, my coworkers, and my kids to show them that they each have the same opportunities to succeed professionally. Like I said before, I’m proud of the work that is being done. Seeing conscious efforts to support gender equality helps my wife and I keep promises to our son and daughter, that, if they are willing to work for it, they can each achieve great things!


Steve Goggins
Key Account Manager – Global Aftermarket Solutions