Being Bold and Leading by Example

22 months ago I entered Caterpillar Poland for my job interview. The interviewer was a woman named Marian Stricker. It was one of the best and most important days of my life. Marian became my first Caterpillar leader and at the same time she was my coach, guide and inspiration to help me on my way, to become a “yellow blood” team member. Marian retired at the end of 2015 after 37 years of Caterpillar service, leaving behind a valuable legacy for her team members.

So, if someone asks me, “Why did you join Caterpillar?” - the answer is simple. Because of Marian. I thought, if such great women are leaders in this company there is opportunity to develop…and I was right. I’ve met many great leaders here - both men and women. They have helped me to build my way.

Today, after almost 2 years with the company, I very much feel a part of the “yellow blood” team. Of course it required initiative and a little bit of bravery. Let’s put it this way – we need to create opportunities and develop our network. We need to be ourselves but at the same time adapt to organizational culture. We should speak up but at the same time listen. Be open for feedback. Open our minds.

I pledge to be bold for change by making a move and leading by example. Change of both women’s and men’s mind sets is mandatory for extraordinary results. We are the architects of our lives, as well as the lives of the next generations.

One thing I’ve realized: we can all look to Cat® machines for inspiration. We are built for it!

  • Remove your obstacles like dozers, drills or harvesters.
  • Solve problems by digging deep like an excavator.
  • Fill completely your half full glass like a loader filling up a dump truck.
  • Develop your new path like a motor grader, compactor or asphalt paver…but sometimes first a cold planer needs to act.
  • At the heart of every machine is an engine.

Keep in mind, Cat machines are not working in stable, ideal and perfectly safe conditions. They build something great by stepping far out of the comfort zone, so we can too!

So which machine are you today? What is your engine? Which way will you be bold for change?

Anna Fracisz
Procurement Supervisor
WIN Chair – Sosnowiec, Poland