The Manufacturing Industry Provides Opportunity for Career Advancement and Continuous Learning

Learning goes well beyond day one at Caterpillar – Yujie Chen says he has never once stopped learning since the day he began his journey in manufacturing five years ago. During that time Chen has worked in multiple divisions and is currently a Senior Engineer in the Digital Manufacturing and Machining department.

Chen summed up his job quite simply, saying he “dedicates himself to applying advanced research results to solve real-world problems within the manufacturing industry.”

“One thing I love most about my job is that it allows me to learn and be exposed to a diverse range of experiences and challenges.”

Chen says he is constantly learning and gaining new experiences in areas he would have never expected, including leading multimillion dollar projects out of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute which have improved his technical and management skills.

No day is the same for Chen, as he is always constantly on the move visiting various Caterpillar manufacturing facilities. Chen says some of the skills required to do his job include basic coding capabilities, and knowledge in a variety of design and manufacturing processes.

“Manufacturing is a fundamental necessity globally to creating wealth in our society, including products, jobs, technologies and related services — all the things that make our world what it is today.”

There are many opportunities to succeed and advance throughout Caterpillar, and Chen believes the manufacturing industry has a high ceiling for young professionals.

“As a young manufacturing professional, there are truly tremendous opportunities to challenge yourself and contribute to a better world.”

With years of experience and impressive projects under his belt, Chen offers this advice for those looking to enter the manufacturing field.: keep a positive attitude, never stop learning, and keep your eye on the target.