With his yellow blood, a Caterpillar supervisor aims to influence others

Su Qiang, a medium wheel loader assembly supervisor from CSCL (Caterpillar (Suzhou) Co., Ltd), has a special way of introducing himself. He always shows his badge to let others see his name whenever he meets a new colleague. Su Qiang currently leads a team of 46 front line employees, but with more than ten-years of working experience in Caterpillar he has held a variety of job roles with diverse responsibilities.

Su Qiang desired to work for Caterpillar even before his graduation. Upon graduation in 2008, he realized he didn’t have a head start over his experienced and well-educated colleagues. And it was with that he focused in on his own strength: his operating skills and resilience; and set up a short-term goal - to be the most experienced maintenance operator in offline area.

At that time, CSCL was still at trial production stage and everyone was gearing up for the manufacturing of the first unit. With strong technical skills, coordination ability and helpful personality Su Qiang worked well with his colleagues and supervisor, which lead to the responsibility of more challenging tasks. During this busy period he also took the opportunity to understand the manufacturing process, principles, and software, which resulted in him leading a team to improve offline quality and reduce rework time.

In 2011 Qiang became a supervisor in charge of medium wheel loader test and by 2017, he was leading a quality improvement project on assembly line. As a leader, he inherited the legacy of nurturing employees by giving them important and challenging tasks from time to time, and helping them to develop the skills they need to be successful long term.

Reflecting on his journey at Caterpillar over the past ten years, Su Qiang feels proud of the work he has been doing. He says, “Caterpillar yellow blood has been a part of me and I’m trying to influence others to deliver the meaningful work together.”


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