Encouraging Cultural Change Through Engagement

William Wright, a Human Resources Consultant, has had the opportunity to put his passions for diversity into practice at Caterpillar. With a strong focus on employee engagement and organizational performance, William recently set out to put together a Diversity and Inclusion strategy that would encourage cultural change. He worked with senior leadership and employees to help shape the future of his facility through a fresh perspective.

“I am proud that our employees and leaders are invested in the fact that diverse teams produce better and more creative ideas and that we must work together to build an inclusive environment where they can perform to their fullest potential.”

William and his group, who are based in Desford, Leicester, worked to assemble three employee-led teams that would focus on initiatives to help employees celebrate each other’s differences and reach their fullest potential. The teams also worked on projects that helped break down stigmas on topics such as mental illness, disabilities and unconscious bias in the workplace.

“The work we are doing allows our employees to be themselves; to bring out their experiences, backgrounds and cultures in an inclusive environment where they can in turn provide the solutions that help our customers build a better world.”

William says the global reach within Caterpillar has allowed him to gather perspectives and ideas from colleagues in regions and cultures across the world and bring diverse thoughts and initiatives into his facility.

He says the work Caterpillar is doing to champion inclusion and diversity is important because he sees people grow when they’re in an environment in which they feel a sense of belonging.

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