Teamwork and Dedication: Caterpillar Welders

June 4, 2021

Teamwork is at the core of Caterpillar’s success. The collaboration driven by people and facilities around the world ultimately make and deliver the products that help our customers build a better world. Some of those working behind the iron to create the iconic yellow products are welders. Jacqueline and Alcione have different experiences in their journey to being welders at Caterpillar, but their sentiment of the experiene and the role is the same – It’s the work that matters.

Jaqueline Carvalho Schiavuzzo originally began her career with Caterpillar as an apprentice, and while she was intitally doubtful of her ability to transition from apprentice to a full time welder, she gained confidence in her skills and now thoroughly enjoys the work she does. She says, “When the piece comes in my hands, I strive to guarantee the quality that will reflect on the final stage of the product to ensure that our products will help our customers build a better world more efficiently.”

Unlike Jacqueline who is early in her journey, Alicone da Silva has been a welder at Caterpillar for nine years and works on the inital process of machine construction. She says, “I love what I do, and Caterpillar is an excellent company to work with the environment and coworkers are great. I feel recognized and I love working in the welding position and I really like the Caterpillar team.”

Alcione and Jacqueline both agree that some of the most important traits to becoming a welder are focus, commitment to excellence and the ability to work on a team. It takes the contributions of everyone for Caterpillar to succeed. There are many opportunities to build a career that matters at Caterpillar. Find yours today.