Caterpillar Hosts Welding Competition to Develop Skills

At Caterpillar, developing our employees to deliver quality products has always been a priority.  Recently the Caterpillar China team set out to improve the skills of their employees, through participation in a Welding Skill Competition. Thirty-seven Caterpillar welders participated in the event competing in various skilled events.

The competition consisted of theoretical examination and operating examination. The theoretical examination was primarily focused on basic welding knowledge, while the operating examination aimed to test welders’ capabilities. Welding pieces were inspected by the quality team, and then sent on for further destructive testing.  Caterpillar China is committed to a long-term focus on improving employees’ skills in order to provide the best products and services to our customers.

General Manager Stephen Chao, helped kick off the welding skill competition, emphasized that welding quality contributes directly to our product quality. He encouraged all welders to actively attend internal and external competitions to further refine their skills; ultimately improving our quality to better serve customers.

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