Leading with Love: How Team Caterpillar is Shaping the Future Generation of Doers

Over the course of her 20+ year with Caterpillar, Vivia Silva has helped forge a path for future generations. She paved the way in a variety of roles within the Piracicaba facility working on the factory floor, undergoing weld training, leading as an analyst and serving as a technical change coordinator. Many of these job titles had not been previously held by a woman within that facility. 

Caterpillar employees make an impact many ways and have the opportunity to determine what they want that impact to be and what their journey looks like. For Vivia, she was guided by the philosophy, “do everything with love,” and with that, Vivia is pouring her knowledge back into the community.

Vivia was approached by a technical school to serve as an instructor through her role as a product analyst in the Campo Largo facility; providing an opportunity that would help prepare the next generation of doers to join companies like Caterpillar.  She says, “Because of my experience I was able to help hundreds of students be prepared for the day-to-day life of a Caterpillar employee. When I would look into my students’ eyes and see that light go on, it inspired me so much.” Vivia says she is proud to work for a company that encourages “a legacy of knowledge transmission,” which she believes to be reflected in the quality of Caterpillar’s products and services.

As a global enterprise, we are proud to have people like Vivia on Team Caterpillar and out in the community shaping the next generation of worldbuilders. Vivia’s career has demonstrated the power of passion, which we hope has inspired her students to build a career that they can be proud of at a company that builds what matters. So, what will your impact be?