Turbocharging a Career

October 7, 2021

Theema Numanit, an engineer based in the UK gained diverse experiences participating in the graduate placement program, is now in the first rotation of the graduate trainee program. In this program Theema is working to enhance turbochargers in the 900 series engines. Turbochargers are important to customers because they make engines have better fuel consumption and extract more energy, both of which are important to meeting goals on the jobsite. Theema knows her work has lasting impact. “It’s cool to think that an engine design I did could end up in machines on construction sites someday. It would be awesome to know that I had an impact on that machine when seeing them on site.”

Experiential learning is as valuable for Caterpillar as it is for early talent, which is why Caterpillar offers various development programs for young professionals. Theema has gained experience in mechanical validation and aftertreatment component engineering through the placement program. “My experiences were a good combination of technical work and interactions with the team. I also had a lot of flexibility in my experiences, if I wanted to work on different things like data analysis or coding, I could. There are great opportunities in both programs to learn different skills,” she says.

The Caterpillar team supports Theema’s growth by encouraging her to work independently on important projects that drive customer success. Learn more about opportunities to kickstart your career.