Trying Out to Be a Part of the Best Team

Caterpillar’s Edwards Demonstration Center recently held try outs to find the best of the best to join their team of demonstrator instructors. Caterpillar Demonstrator Instructors are highly skilled equipment operators who specialize in demonstrating how to effectively and efficiently leverage Cat products and services to our customers and dealers.

Tyler Schweigert recently participated in the try outs at Edwards, IL and secured a position as a Demonstrator Instructor. He says he enjoyed the experience to showcase his skills and not waste any time.

“You can sit in an interview and talk about your skills, but there’s nothing like getting out and showing what you’ve got.”

The try outs involved choosing three pieces of Cat equipment and demonstrating how to operate each of them. Tyler says you had your choice of six different machines, so he chose the ones he was comfortable with and ran most frequently. He chose:

  1. Skid steer
  2. Excavator
  3. Rubber tired back hoe

After trying out amongst 20 other individuals, Tyler was one of two operators offered a full-time position. As this is a non-traditional operating job, he says it was a bit of an adjustment from the field, but his coworkers made it easier.

“Everyone is extremely nice. I’m learning a ton from these guys – they’re some of the best around.”

For those looking to embark on a similar career path, Tyler encourages others to learn as much as you can. He says there’s a lot of available information about Cat products, and it’s important to learn the basics. He advises to listen and learn from others around you and stay humble.

Interested in a career as a Demonstrator Instructor? Learn more about the position here: