This Caterpillar Employee is Changing the Recruiting Game

Have you ever wondered what’s it like on the other end of a job application? Tye Smith works every day behind the scenes to provide the best candidate experience possible as a Human Resources representative. Tye himself has been in the candidate seat many times, having a wide variety of roles before landing his current job at Caterpillar.

“What made me come to Caterpillar was the growth opportunity, a lot of companies preach it, but I’ve seen it so much in my current role,” said Tye, “I knew that if I went to Caterpillar I’d have a good career, plus my family had worked for Caterpillar for over 30 years.”

Now he spends his days recruiting any role from entry level, mid-career, or senior level IT. His team works to attract the top talent by investing in technology and people – they’re constantly updating processes to make sure the hiring process is a good experience.

In today’s hiring world, his team is getting more hands on; instead of waiting for candidates to apply, they’re searching them out. The focus has shifted from just filling an open role, to finding the right talent for the right position.

“The goal is to hire people that have the right attitude and are open to growing with the organization. Our team really focuses on making our employees the best version of them that they can be.”

He says this focus is critical because his team is hiring the future leaders of Caterpillar IT which impacts the overall company. By having a desire to place talent in the right roles, they are opening the door to development and longevity with the organization.

Tye says the best part of his job is interacting with talent and showing them that Caterpillar is a place for IT. His message to anyone considering their options? “We know we’re not where we want to be, but you’re the person that can get us there. We’re looking to hear your voice and we want you to impact the IT industry.”

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